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Which Pool Pump Has the Highest MEPS Rating?

Discovering the Most Energy-Efficient Pool Pump from Madimack
As pool owners, we all understand the importance of keeping our pools clean and well-maintained. Central to this maintenance is the pool pump, which circulates water, filters out debris, and keeps the pool water fresh and inviting. Choosing a pool pump with a high MEPS rating can save energy and money. Energy efficiency is important, so make sure to pick a pump that meets these standards. So, which pool pump from Madimack boasts the highest MEPS rating? Let's explore.


Understanding MEPS Rating

MEPS rating is a standardized measure used to gauge the energy efficiency of appliances and equipment, including pool pumps. A higher MEPS rating indicates greater energy efficiency, meaning the pump consumes less electricity to perform its function. This not only reduces energy costs but also minimizes environmental impact by lowering carbon emissions.

Introducing Madimack

Madimack is a renowned name in the pool equipment industry, known for its innovative and energy-efficient products. Madimack focuses on using high-tech and eco-friendly methods to help pool owners with reliable maintenance solutions.



Exploring Madimack's Pool Pump Range



InverFLOW ECO - The InverFLOW ECO redefines pool pump standards with cutting-edge technology. Featuring InverMAC innovation, it blends full inverter tech, synchronous motors, and brushless DC motors for peak efficiency.

Plus, enjoy whisper-quiet operation, reducing noise by over 30 times. Compared to basic pumps, it boosts energy efficiency by up to 80%: Incredible "return on investment" with Madimack pool pumps. Dive into the future of pool maintenance with the InverFLOW ECO from Madimack.

See below the InverFLOW ECO models performance curve comparison:

Screenshot Capture - 2024-05-15 - 08-08-00

The InverFLOW ECO offers top-notch features:

  • 4 Timers for daily operation
  • Variable speed from 30% to 100%
  • Active Energy Monitor
  • Ultra-low noise at 36 dB
  • Versatile multi-function options
  • Powered by InverMAC Technology

Using inverter technology over on/off technology can produce energy savings of up to 80%.

InverFlowPro-rating (1)

InverFLOW PRO - The InverFLOW PRO offers exceptional energy efficiency and advanced sound suppression for a virtually silent operation. It features full inverter technology with automatic speed adjustments between 30% to 100%, Skimmer Mode, and centrifugal impeller technology. A DC brushless motor makes pool pumps more efficient, durable, and quiet. It sets a new standard for excellence.

See below the InverFLOW PRO models performance curve comparison:

Screenshot Capture - 2024-05-15 - 08-11-12

The InverFLOW PRO offers an array of advanced features:








                   Click the video to know more about the Skimmer Mode feature.



InverFLOW ULTRA - The InverFLOW Ultra, powered by Madimack’s InverMAC Technology, offers exceptional performance and efficiency. It is 14 times more efficient than a traditional single-speed pump, ensuring top-tier results across the board.

This finely engineered pool pump boasts a high flow-to-pressure ratio, providing versatile installation options. The InverFLOW Ultra is great for tough pool conditions, providing excellent flow for top-notch pool maintenance. Ideal choice!

See below the InverFLOW ULTRA models performance curve comparison:

Screenshot Capture - 2024-05-15 - 08-14-16

The InverFLOW ULTRA offers features like:

  • Full Inverter technology
  • DC brushless motor
  • Intuitive Touch Controller (wi-fi, ai/mi mode, active energy monitor)
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • External Control Optional


Inverter Plus - Madimack’s Inverter Plus transforms a single-speed pool pump into a variable-speed pump. This upgrade lowers running costs, extends the lifespan of your pool pump, and significantly reduces noise levels.

The Inverter Plus offers features like:

  • Energy Savings - Greener and cost-effective
  • Quieter Operation and Simple Installation
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Control
  • ROI within 1 year

madimack Pool pumps (7)

Selecting a pool pump with a high MEPS rating is essential for saving energy and reducing costs. Prioritizing energy efficiency not only benefits your wallet but also supports environmental sustainability. Madimack offers a range of pool pumps that meet these high standards, ensuring you get the best performance and efficiency. To find out which Madimack pool pump boasts the highest MEPS rating, explore their innovative product lineup and make an informed choice for your pool's needs.

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