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Discover Madimack Inverflow Pro's Skimmer Mode

Maximise Pool Cleanliness: Unveiling the Power of Madimack inverFLOW Pro's Skimmer Mode

Are you fed up with the constant battle against leaves, bugs, and other surface debris in your backyard pool? Maintaining a spotless pool can sometimes seem like a never-ending task.
However, there's good news—Madimack has transformed pool maintenance with its groundbreaking InverFLOW Pro, featuring its innovative Skimmer Mode.


Introducing Skimmer Mode

Skimmer mode is designed to efficiently clear surface and suspended debris from the pool water. This mode directs debris directly into the skimmer box, which is a container built into the side of the pool.

The Madimack InverFLOW Pro boasts a unique feature called Skimmer Mode, which is designed to tackle surface debris like never before. Once activated, Skimmer Mode enhances the motor's power for five minutes every hour, generating a powerful surge of water flow.

How Does it Work?

This increase in power results in a stronger water flow rate, effectively sweeping surface and suspended debris into the pool's skimmer box before it can settle on the pool floor.
The result? A cleaner pool surface and significantly reduced maintenance effort on your part.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Combined

What sets Skimmer Mode apart is its capability to preserve the pump's six-star MEPS rating while achieving filtration efficiency comparable to a remarkable 10-star performance.
This ensures a cleaner pool and maximum efficiency, saving time and energy.

Pool Status: Plunge Ready!

With the Madimack InverFLOW Pro and its Skimmer Mode, your pool will always be ready for a plunge. Say goodbye to endless scooping and skimming and hello to effortless pool maintenance.

Achieve Effortless Pool Maintenance with Madimack InverFLOW Pro

For those searching for a hassle-free way to address surface debris in their backyard pool, the Madimack InverFLOW Pro with Skimmer Mode is the ultimate solution. It's the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring your pool is always in top condition for your enjoyment. Say hello to a cleaner, clearer pool experience today!


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