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Pool cleaner selection is not just a matter of technology, pool owners need to pick the best cleaning partner to match their pool shape, size and environment.  Try Madimack's Pool Cleaner Selector Tool to find your perfect cleaning partner.

Things to consider when choosing a robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are powerful cleaning alternatives that work best when paired with a pool's needs. Whether it is a corded pool robot or the new battery operated cordless version that's caught your attention, take a minute to understand the benefits in comparison to your cleaning needs.

Cordless robotic Pool Cleaner Selection Tool

Madimack has a pool robot for any aquatic set up.  Selecting the correct cordless pool robot will optimise your cleaning solution.

Which robotic pool cleaner is right for you?

Created by Madimack experts, this interactive tool will indicate the best suited robot pool cleaner for your lifestyle and needs. Whether it is a corded or a cordless, enjoy your sparkling pool with the Madimack GT Robotics range. Packed with the latest features and benefits and the longest battery life available.

Robotic Pool Cleaner
Interactive Tool for Pool Owners

Which Robotic Pool Cleaner is right for you?