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About meps

The Energy Rating Label, regulated by the Australian government, has been around for over 30 years. It allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of different appliances.

MEPS is an acronym for Minimum Energy Performance Standards.  It ranks energy performance of products and regulates energy standards for product on sale in the Australian Market.

The higher the star rating a product has, the better efficiency it has and the less it costs to operate!

What does energy consumption mean?

Energy consumption is how much electricity a model uses each year, in kilowatt hours (kWh) - it directly relates to how much it costs a consumer or household to run a product, in a pool's case - the Pool Pump.

The star ratings are allocated by government via standardised testing – required by law and conducted in line with the official Australian and New Zealand Standards.

These tests are based on how most people use their appliances, but it is important to note, that you may use your appliance differently, so the actual amount of energy used may be differ to the label.  It is provided as a general, but educated, guide to compare options.

What is the star rating?

The star rating is about energy efficiency – that is, how much energy a product uses compared to similar products.

More stars means greater efficiency, when compared to other models of comparable size and features.

The more stars shown on the Energy Rating Label, the less energy the product will use and the more money you will save on your energy bills.

The highest pool pump rating is currently 6 stars. Madimack is dedicated to enhancing technology with a focus on energy efficiency.  Our products lead the way in efficiency ratings.

How does MEPS star rating help the consumer?

Comparing different pool pumps can help consumers make an informed decision to lower electricity costs, minimise electricity consumption and operate their pool at optimum levels.  Choosing a Madimack product, guarantees that you're partnering with a company who prioritises energy efficiency.

What are the penalties for the breach of the new 2019 MEPS regulations?

As per the GEMS Act 2012, penalties for non-compliance vary.

The current value of an Australian penalty unit is $222, which translates to penalties of between $13,320 and $26,640.

This could be much more if it is calculated per offence.

What products are covered?

Only recently, pool pumps were listed as appliances that MUST be regulated by MEPS testing (for swimming pools and spa pools over 680 litres). Any pool pump that is single-phase, designed for use in connection with a pool for the circulation of water through pool filters, sanitisation devices, cleaning devices, water heaters (including solar) or through spa or jet outlets or other features forming part of the pool, and capable of a flow rate equal to or greater than 120 litres per minute need to be regulated.

Madimack's InverFLOW Series leads the Pool Pump category in efficiency - all products within the series are rated a market leading 6 Stars.

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