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Why is a Madimack Heat Pump the Best Pool Heating System?

Choosing the right heating system is crucial for year-round pool use in New Zealand. Among the various options available, one stands out as the most efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective: the Madimack heat pump. In this article, we'll delve into why heat pumps from Madimack is the ultimate choice for keeping your pool comfortably warm in any season.


1. InverECO RANGE:

Madimack's InverECO pool heating series offers a pool heating solution that is not only quiet and long-lasting but also remarkably easy to operate. Designed with the energy-conscious pool owner in mind, this pool heater comes equipped with all the essential features needed to efficiently heat backyard pools.

Impressive features of InverECO heat pump designed to enhance your pool experience:

  1. Energy Efficiency: These heat pumps are highly energy efficient, achieving a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 11, meaning they produce 11 units of heat for every unit of electricity consumed.

  2. Full Inverter Compressor and Inverter Fan: Equipped with a full inverter compressor and inverter fan technology, InverECO heat pumps ensure precise control over the heating process, optimizing energy usage and performance.

  3. Multiple Models: Available in five different models ranging up to 24 kW in single phase, Madimack offers versatility to suit various pool sizes and requirements.

  4. Quiet Operation: With advanced technology, including a full inverter compressor and inverter fan, these heat pumps operate with significantly reduced noise levels compared to traditional on/off technology, ensuring a peaceful pool environment.

  5. Anti-Corrosion Casing: Constructed with an anti-corrosion ABS casing, Madimack heat pumps are built to withstand harsh pool environments, ensuring durability and longevity.



Introducing a dynamic pool heating and cooling series featuring potent performance and versatility in installation with its top discharge outlet.

Exceptional features of Madimack's InverECLIPSE heat pump, designed to elevate your pool heating experience:

  1. Top Discharge Air Outlet: The InverECLIPSE heat pump is equipped with a top discharge air outlet, offering efficient heat dissipation and ensuring optimal performance.

  2. Effective and Consistent Heating: Renowned for its effectiveness and reliability, the InverECLIPSE heat pump provides consistent heating, maintaining your pool at the perfect temperature regardless of external conditions.

  3. Built-in Flow Switch and Safety Devices: With built-in safety features including a flow switch, the InverECLIPSE heat pump prioritizes safety, providing peace of mind while heating your pool.

  4. Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant: Utilizing the latest eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, this heat pump minimizes environmental impact while maximizing performance, making it a sustainable choice for pool heating.

  5. Space-Friendly Design: The InverECLIPSE heat pump is designed with versatility in mind, offering various installation options to fit into different spaces, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


3. InverELITE v3:

InverELITE v3 pool heat pump is the industry's pioneering residential unit featuring a commercial-grade centrifugal fan—a first in the industry. With market-leading efficiencies boasting a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 16.4, this unit sets a new standard. Its revolutionary design enhances ventilation requirements, efficiency, and reduces noise, marking a significant advancement in home comfort technology.

Exceptional features of Madimack's InverELITE v3 heat pump:

  1. Quietest Heat Pump Available: Experience unparalleled quietness with Madimack's InverELITE v3. Utilizing patented material science, this heat pump is engineered to reduce sound through triple-insulated compressor compartments and advanced design, making it the quietest option on the market.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: The Elite V3 features an intuitive interface that ensures easy operation. With smart logic and components, it delivers outstanding cold-air performance for all-season heating. Its smart diamond display offers intuitive commissioning and monitoring capabilities.

  3. Centri-Flow Technology: Enjoy enhanced performance with Centri-Flow Technology, which integrates a commercial-grade fan into a residential unit. The Elite V3 boasts the only true side air discharge with centrifugal fan technology, eliminating air turbulence, back-pressure, and noise. Its precisely engineered 90-degree directional airflow ensures optimal efficiency.

    elite max


Maintaining a comfortable temperature is crucial for high-use swimming pools, whether it's at a campsite, leisure park, water park, or hotel. With Madimack's commercial pool heater, you can achieve this comfort while saving up to 70% on energy costs compared to conventional heating methods.

Comprehensive features of Madimack's commercial pool heat pumps, designed to elevate your pool heating experience:

  1. Exceptional Energy Efficiency: Achieving a Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.) of up to 16, Madimack's heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, ensuring maximum performance while minimizing energy consumption.

  2. Full Step-less Inverter Compressor and Fan: Equipped with a full step-less inverter compressor and fan, these heat pumps offer precise control over the heating process, optimizing energy usage and ensuring consistent performance.

  3. High-Quality Anti-Corrosion Casing: Constructed with a high-quality anti-corrosion casing, Madimack's heat pumps are built to withstand harsh pool environments, ensuring durability and longevity.

  4. External Controller: The external controller provides convenient access to settings and monitoring, allowing for easy operation and maintenance of the heat pump system.

  5. RS485 Connectivity Ready: With RS485 connectivity readiness, these heat pumps offer seamless integration with external monitoring and control systems, enabling remote management and monitoring.

  6. Titanium Heat Exchanger with 25-Year Warranty: Featuring a titanium heat exchanger backed by a 25-year warranty, Madimack's heat pumps deliver superior heat transfer efficiency and long-term reliability.

  7. Top Discharge Air Outlet: The top discharge air outlet ensures efficient heat dissipation and optimal performance, enhancing overall heating efficiency.

  8. Reverse Cycle Defrost Down to -15˚C: With reverse cycle defrost capability down to -15˚C, these heat pumps can effectively operate in cold climates, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

  9. Multiple Input and Output Signals: Offering multiple input and output signals, Madimack's heat pumps provide flexibility for integration with various pool heating systems and accessories.

  10. Built-in Flow Switch and Safety Devices: Built-in flow switch and safety devices prioritize safety, providing peace of mind while heating your pool.

  11. Up to 40 Degrees Set Point Temperature: With a set point temperature capability of up to 40 degrees, Madimack's heat pumps offer flexibility to achieve the desired pool temperature for ultimate comfort.

When it comes to heating your pool in New Zealand, a heat pump stands out as the clear choice. With its unparalleled energy efficiency, consistent performance, environmental friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance requirements, a Madimack heat pump offers everything you need to enjoy your pool year-round. Invest in a heat pump today and experience the joy of swimming in warm, inviting waters regardless of the season.

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