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Revolutionising Pool Heating: Introducing the InverELITE V4 by Madimack

Madimack, a global leader in pool heating and cooling technology, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its most innovative and efficient heat pump to date, the InverELITE V4.

The InverELITE V4 is poised to revolutionise the pool heating and cooling landscape. With its unmatched efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and a suite of intelligent features, the V4 offers an unparalleled pool ownership experience.

Scheduled for release this July, the InverELITE V4 promises to revolutionise the pool ownership experience with its industry-leading COP of 22, unparalleled quiet operation, and a suite of intelligent features designed for maximum efficiency, performance, and user convenience.

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Unmatched Efficiency: COP of 22 Sets a New Standard

At the heart of the InverELITE V4 lies its groundbreaking efficiency. COP, or Coefficient of Performance, is the industry standard for measuring heat pump efficiency.

It represents the ratio between the heat generated and the power used. A higher COP signifies a more efficient unit. The InverELITE V4 boasts a COP of 22, a significant leap forward compared to traditional heat pump solutions.

This means substantial cost savings on operation and power usage, making the InverELITE V4 an environmentally and economically friendly choice for pool owners.

Experience an Uninterrupted Backyard Space

The InverELITE V4 isn't just efficient; it also has remarkable quiet operation, guaranteeing an uninterrupted backyard space experience.

Madimack's meticulous engineering makes this possible. It incorporates a triple-layered sound insulation system featuring condensed fibre, foam, and a metal jacket.

Its innovative design effectively minimises operational noise, ensuring your backyard remains a tranquil space for relaxation and enjoyment.

A Revolutionary Step in Pool Climate Control

Madimack continues to push boundaries with the world's first 3D airflow ventilation system in the InverELITE V4.

This revolutionary design reduces ventilation requirements, simplifies installation processes, and significantly enhances operational efficiency.

Power Meets Performance

The InverELITE V4 is equipped with a twin rotary compressor, ensuring the fastest heat-up times for your pool. This, coupled with a commercial-grade centrifugal fan, contributes to the unit's exceptional power-to-performance ratio.

Unlike basic axial fans, the centrifugal fan have angular blades that create a larger surface area for capturing surrounding air, making it significantly more efficient for the entire unit.

Built to Last: Premium Materials Ensure Durability

The InverELITE V4 is encased in an anti-corrosive, marine-grade aluminium alloy metal jacket, safeguarding it against the harshest weather conditions, regardless of climate. As a result, pool owners can expect long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Quick Connect for Simplified Installation and Control

The InverELITE V4 features external plugs, offering easy access for installation and servicing. Pool owners will no longer find the need for intrusive procedures, and it simplifies control panel connection.

Notably, the InverELITE V4 is the only heat pump with external universal controls, allowing for connection with various devices.

Unparalleled Confidence and Customer Satisfaction

Madimack demonstrates its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by offering industry-leading warranties with the InverELITE V4. This includes a comprehensive 7-year warranty on all parts, a 10-year warranty on the compressor, and a 25-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Why Choose the InverELITE V4?

Imagine a pool heat pump that delivers year-round comfort that gets you relaxed all while helping you save money on your energy bills. 

Let's explore why the InverELITE V4 is the perfect choice for discerning pool owners who prioritising efficiency, tranquillity, and intelligent control.

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: The industry-leading COP of 22 translates to significant savings on your energy bills.
  • Uninterrupted Backyard Enjoyment: Experience an ultra-quiet operation that preserves the tranquillity of your outdoor space.
  • Compact and Flexible Installation: The reduced footprint and innovative 3D airflow design make the V4 ideal for limited spaces or challenging installations.
  • Extended Swimming Season: Enjoy your pool year-round with superior heating and cooling capabilities, regardless of the climate.
  • Best Warranty Available: Madimack's comprehensive warranties provide complete peace of mind and showcase the company's dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Innovative Technology: Enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, a larger display screen, and built-in timers cater to tech-savvy consumers who appreciate convenience and ease of use.

About Madimack

Madimack is a global leader in pool heating and cooling technology committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance the pool ownership experience. With the upcoming launch of the InverELITE V4, Madimack is poised to continue its legacy of innovation and excellence, shaping the future of pool climate control for years to come. Know more about us:

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