Enjoy all the benefits of a variable speed pool pump

Madimack’s Inverter Plus converts a single speed pool pump to a variable speed pool pump. You save on running costs, extend the life of your pool pump and reduce noise levels significantly

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Watch Video

Energy savings delivering significant cost savings

A typical pool pump operates at a single speed consuming about 1kW an hour and costing an ave. of $800 a year, or more for larger pools. Inverter technology can reduce power input from 1kW an hour at full speed to just 110W at 1200 RPM – equivalent to running a lightbulb, just 4 cents an hour.

Online Savings Calculator
Online Savings Calculator

Dramatically quieter operation and simple installation

Up to 20 times quieter than a standard single speed pump. Plug and play installation, no electrician required or additional hardware needed

Installation Guide
Manual & Downloads

3 Simple Steps to Activate Your Trial


Step 1

Confirm your existing equipment is not a multi-speed pump i.e. has the ability to run at more than 1 speed. A single speed pump will typically be very loud and cost a lot of money to run! If you are not sure, simply Google your current pool pump or ask your pool consultant.

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Step 2

Confirm the horse power (1hp, 1.5hp or 2hp are the most common) and complete the energy saving calculator on this page to evaluate the benefits of installing an Inverter Plus. This will include; cost savings, environmental benefits and instant noise reduction.

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Step 3

Click the link above and kick start your FREE Inverter Plus trial. During the campaign you will receive a quick start guide and emails with TIPS to make the most of your trial.

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30 Day Trial

Cost is $599 per unit. Terms and Conditions applies *

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