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What is Heat Recovery and How Does it Work?

In the discussion of our heating solutions here at Madimack, heat recovery often forms an important part of our conversations. This is because devices like our air source or geothermal heat pumps boast exceptional heat recovery, allowing property owners such as yourself to enjoy unparalleled comfort.

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On that note, what exactly is heat recovery? How does it work? Beyond answering these questions, our blog this week takes a deeper look at heat recovery and what benefits property owners stand to gain with these solutions in place.

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What is a heat recovery system?

By design, heat recovery systems draw warm air or water into a property in order to provide cost-efficient heating. While these ventilators do not replace traditional technology such as boilers or radiators, these systems simply recycle the heat produced in a property for greater efficiency.

Without these devices, the air that circulates in a home or office becomes stale and is replaced by colder air, which is warmed up by a ventilation system. The warm air that’s being replaced is then expelled into the environment - a loss of energy given that this energy can be reused.

How does it work?

Heat recovery systems, while complex in their operations, perform a relatively simple function - they extract heat from the air and recycle it for use inside a home or office. Beyond the air inside a property itself, these systems can also extract the heat from the air outside and circulate it inside a given space. This is how heat pumps work.

Solutions that work through ventilation systems, however, extract heat from the stale air and then pass this air out to the environment. This heat is then passed onto the air going inside a room, passing through ventilation ducts that filter the air coming in and going out.

At the heart of this system lies the heat exchanger. This component moves stale air through numerous pipes, all while drawing in cold air from various ducts. What’s amazing is that while these move at the same time without mixing, heat is transferred from the stale air onto the cold air being sent inside.

Owing to advancements in this technology, there are now heat recovery systems that claim to extract up to 90% of heat from stale air. This represents a massive saving for property owners!

Why should I install a heat recovery system?

Given that these systems don’t replace existing heating systems, it’s easy to perceive heat recovery solutions as an unnecessary expense. This, however, is a short-sighted perspective. Here’s why:

Heat recovery systems boast exceptional comfort and efficiency

In homes across Australia, recovery systems can help property owners save significantly on electricity costs. This is because most of the heat produced, either inside or outside, is recycled.

In this way, these solutions prove to be especially invaluable during winter when homes become colder than usual. Apart from this, they also ensure that fresh air is constantly circulating in a given space.

With most forced-air systems, the lack of proper ventilation can often become a problem. With heat recovery systems, however, ventilation can be achieved without the need to open up windows and lose heat energy.

With these solutions, it’s also possible to design more insulated spaces without worrying about proper ventilation. Given that the latter is ensured with heat recovery systems, property owners can also guarantee that heat loss is prevented through airtight insulation and weather stripping. These also improve climate control without the issue of energy wastage.

Key takeaways

Heat recovery systems such as heat pumps provide property owners with the opportunity to make the most of their heating systems. By recycling the heat that’s produced within a property or in the external environment itself, these solutions allow occupants to enjoy comfort, cost savings, and greater efficiency.

Choosing to install these in your home or office, therefore, allows you to make the most of your utilities without sweating about the small stuff - exorbitant electricity bills, for instance.

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