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What are Embedded Networks and Microgrids?

A Microgrid is a privately owned and managed electrical network that makes use of local energy sources. These systems can be found in a number of settings, and are generally run on renewable energy such as rooftop solar power, wind or thermal capture.

In order to make the most of this technology, an embedded network needs to be in place. These are, sometimes, grid-connected. This eliminates any obstacle that may prevent landlords or property owners from investing in renewable energy, allowing tenants to benefit from locally-produced electricity as well.


Why would you use an Embedded Network or a Microgrid?


  • Increased savings - by increasing the competition on energy retailing, reliance on the grid is reduced - forcing dominant service providers to operate at a lower cost. Further, due to the fact that most of this energy comes from renewable sources, energy consumption becomes even more affordable.
  • Reduced CapEx you can reduce the capital expense of a project by allocating an embedded network to manage internal infrastructure of heating and cooling systems.
  • An additional source of income for property owners. As energy for the entire building is distributed through a local source, building owners can sell this low-cost energy at an affordable rate to tenants, even with a markup in place, leading to further revenue for owners beyond rental income.
  • Increased security of energy supply. As reliance on the main grid is now reduced, you never have to worry about interruptions to your electricity supply or any related outages.
  • Reduce the negative impact your property has on the environment. With all or most of your electricity being generated through a renewable source of energy, you can reduce your property’s carbon footprint.
  • Guarantee long-term tenancies through the provision of more affordable electricity prices, contributing to a better tenant experience in your property.



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