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Energy Efficiency through Vacation Rental Software: Myth or Reality?

Ah, vacation Rentals. Those places where you blast the A/C or heater all day, with no thought about wasteful energy expenditure. While this sounds like just about all our indulgent holidays away from home, it is a nightmarish problem for many vacation rental owners.

While running energy efficient homes are a top concern for many individuals, attitudes are a little less than conservative when it comes to energy usage in properties that are not their own. This problem is even more pronounced when people go away holiday. In the face of this dilemma, owners of such vacation properties are often forced to charge exorbitant prices to make up for the loss incurred.

Energy Efficiency Through Vacation Rental Software

With the introduction of smart vacation rental software, however, energy wastage has never been so easy to combat. Run your property like you would an energy efficient home with greater ease than before. Read our blog post below for more. 

Control high energy consumers

Who says you need to compromise on comfort for cost-efficiency? With smart home rental solutions, property owners are facing a flurry of benefits unlike ever before.

With the ability to automate cooling and heating with the click of a button, ensure that your guests have the comfort they need without unnecessary energy wastage. Smart air conditioners and heaters now come with the handy capability to automatically maintain a minimum/maximum temperature, without guest involvement.

Furthermore, you can also set your air conditioning units to switch off when a guest leaves their room or checks out. If you want to go a step further and provide additional comfort, you can even switch your AC on a couple of minutes before check in, to have the room cool and comfortable upon arrival. Remote control over these devices from anywhere in the world also gives you the ability to manage your consumption patterns to suit your needs and budget.

Cloud management of your devices

With the ability to manage smart devices over the cloud, there seems to be no end to the technological advancements the industry is making. For vacation rental owners looking to manage and monitor the operations and energy efficiency of their properties remotely, this is an invaluable feature for advanced micro-managing. These work following a simple installation on your electrical panel, which can thereby regulate high energy consuming devices over WiFi.

For vacation rental owners, the true sell is the device’s ability to be integrated with booking calendars, so that the property/room can be made ready for future guests. It also ensures that the relevant appliances are automatically switched off once guests leave.

Smart and energy efficient lighting

With the types of bulbs used for smart lighting promising 80% less energy usage than traditional incandescent appliances, energy efficiency and long life are all part of the equation. These also provide for remote control through your smartphone, from just about any location you choose to be in. For vacation rental owners, this has proved to be an invaluable feature, given that they can now check whether lights are running unnecessarily, switch them on and off as required, and ensure too much energy isn’t being expended.

Another way in which this benefits vacation properties is through its ability to automatically switch on and off when guests leave a room or check out. While these are hardly new additions to the smart home arena, they, nonetheless, prove to be highly useful and effective in lowering maintenance costs and bills.

Key takeaways

Ultimately, it is clear that short-term rental solutions can make a huge difference in terms of a running an energy efficient property. Given the need to provide as much comfort and indulgence as possible, smart home devices and solutions can go a long way in bringing down the cost for providing stellar service. Not to mention, boost the ratings of such properties.

With industry giants like AirBnB also moving towards such smart technology, it more or less signals the beginning of a newer and smarter era for vacation rental owners.

 How can smart home systems help me? 


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