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The benefits of innovation in Pool Heat Pumps and Pool Heating

Innovation and technology is an ever-moving beast and investing in the latest and greatest advancements can result in significant cost and lifestyle benefits.  Additionally, as the world moves away from fossil fuels, like gas heating, and takes a sustainable approach to consumer and commercial products, technology and innovation will ensure that performance is not compromised.

In Australia’s Pool Heating category, Madimack is positioned as the driver of innovation. The Australian manufacturer offer the newest and most advanced Heat Pump solutions in Australia, namely via their ELITE V3 pool heating system.  

Madimack’s Elite V3 is the top end of pool heating innovation and efficiency.  It combines optimised pool heating efficiency, smart features such as angular ventilation, with commercial grade componentry wrapped up in a residential unit. 

The benefits to consumers from companies like Madimack driving innovation are significant and represented in both immediate and future savings for households.  Specifically, in comparison to basic pool heat pumps being offered, Madimack’s Elite V3 provides:

  • HIGHEST EFFICIENCY COP levels in the Australian market for instant & long-term cost benefits
  • SILENT OPERATION thanks to the high quality commercial grade components used in design
  • DRAMATICALLY REDUCED SPATIAL REQUIREMENTS allowing the Elite V3 to slot seamlessly into backyard settings, thanks to the revolutionary angular ventilation developed by Madimack engineers
  • Because of its unrivaled performance the unit also comes with MARKET LEADING WARRANTIES for consumer peace of mind.

Warranty coverage is a good way of qualifying the confidence a company has in its product and service.  Madimack confidently provides market leading warranties along with a market leading product to guarantee customers a smooth ride, backed with the support and service needed to address any queries.  

Most consumers are eagerly ‘opting in’ to innovation and taking home the benefits of efficiency, design and innovation. Additionally, these improvements are changing consumer and trade expectations in what they expect as basic operating standards - particularly in sustainable energy solutions such as Madimack’s heat pump technology.  Pool Heating ranges using older technology simply do not offer the efficiency levels that a consumer should be benefiting from.

Complete an instant Pool Heating evaluation (including solar matching) today to find the best pool heating option for you: 

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