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The Benefits of Commercial Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

As heat pump technology continues to dominate the market, commercial geothermal installation is now becoming a popular feature in office spaces. Beyond the ability to maintain comfort and energy-efficiency around the year, what are the specific business benefits these systems bring to the table?

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From improving cash flow and the all-important triple bottom line, our blog this week dives into the unique benefits that can be derived from commercial geothermal heat pumps. Continue reading to find out how you can improve your business today!

Improved cash flow

One of the most tangible benefits derived from commercial geothermal solutions is the ability to improve organisational cash flow.

From the moment of installation, business owners experience immediate energy savings. From hot water to internal heating and cooling, these requirements are powered with free energy extracted from the earth’s core.

In this way, organisations need no longer incur sky-high electricity bills - heat pumps only consume a minor component of electricity to power its internal operations. Heating and cooling are produced through renewable energy.

100% individual zone control

Another incredible lucrative feature of commercial geothermal heating and cooling is that they allow for unparalleled zone control.

What this means is that separate zones can be heated, while others are cooled, increasing the comfort of employees and net system energy efficiency. Here, the units in cooling mode send energy to the system’s water loops, which is then extracted by the heating mode for use in the same building.

Building owners can even de-activate the ground loop during certain seasons and enjoy internal comfort simply through the exchange of energy in the building’s water loop. This type of system performs well in zoned areas such as residential apartments, airports, hospitals, and similar facilities, where simultaneous heating and cooling requirements are encountered.

Improved triple bottom line

With geothermal heating and cooling, another feature business entities can look forward to is an improved triple bottom line.

This is an accounting framework denoted in terms of social, environmental, and financial impact. Generally adopted to measure the holistic performance of a given organisation, geothermal heat pumps have the ability to improve sustainability rankings with significant ease.

Owing to the incorporation of renewable energy at the heart of its operation, geothermal heating and cooling represent a clean energy initiative, whose benefits transcend mere financial value. With the increasing focus on environmental preservation, businesses can meet emerging regulation targeting green energy practices with this commercial geothermal solutions.

Long lifetime and low maintenance

Another compelling factor in this regard is the long lifetime and low maintenance required by these systems.

The underground piping network, which accounts for much of the cost associated with geothermal solution, is known to last more than 40 years. It also requires little maintenance, reducing the energy-related expenditure frequently incurred by various commercial entities.

Additionally, the piping used throughout this system also totes exceptional life expectancy - a whopping 50 years!

Freedom of design

Nowadays, a well-designed space is of prime importance for most, if not all, commercial spaces.

Given that they require less room space in comparison to conventional central plant systems, commercial geothermal solutions allow architects and business owners to design and decorate with complete freedom. This is because all heating and cooling equipment remain hidden within the building and the underground area.

Significant on-site flexibility

Geothermal solutions also facilitate a great degree of flexibility in commercial spaces in which not all areas have been rented out.

In these types of scenarios, the ground heat exchanger loop and building water loop can be installed, while the heat pumps for each space can be set up when each tenant is confirmed. Geothermal heating and cooling is, therefore, a practical option in buildings that are built in phases.

Key takeaways

Owing to the undeniable benefits brought about by commercial geothermal solutions, businesses now have the opportunity to transform their operations.

By meeting a variety of internal heating and cooling requirements with the power of renewable energy, businesses are not just rendered cost and energy-efficient, but environmentally-friendly as well.

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