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Smart Home Technology: What Can I Invest In?

Given the dizzying range and availability of futuristic, high-tech products for your home, figuring out what you want is an exercise now constrained only by the amount of money you can spend. If you’re one of the thousands of buyers flocking towards home automation systems, finding out what products are available and what improvements these make to your home is useful in order to identify what exactly you need.

The article below aims to do just that, listing out the smart home technology for your convenience, making your next shopping spree a well-informed exercise.

Home Assistants

Easily the most popular product on the market, smart home assistants are fast becoming an irreplaceable tool for almost every home. From ordering your groceries, brewing your coffee, and waking you up in time for your various appointments, this technology is changing the way people live - improving productivity and efficiency throughout the day. There are a wide range of automated assistants currently available, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Nest, to name a few.

Home assistants give smart home products a personal feel to it, removing the human effort necessary to maintain your home. More than just saving your time, effort, and even money, automation software makes your home cater to your needs and not the other way around.

Lighting systems

Always in a rush? Constantly forgetting to turn off your lights? If you answered yes to both of these, you make the perfect purchaser of smart home technology.

Constituting the most basic functionality of automation software, smart lighting allows you to make your lighting suit your home and serve your needs as required. Forgetting to turn off your lights or fans no longer incurs you eye-watering electricity bills, nor do you need to enter your home in pitch darkness, at the end of your day. All of this can be managed and controlled with a click of a button from your smartphone, even when you’re miles away from home. For most buyers entering the market, automated lighting systems are the first step towards complete home automation, giving you a glimpse into the life-changing technology now available at your fingertips.

Home security systems

With the increasing concern for safety representing a huge shift towards smart home products, technology has given homeowners an all new sense of security and confidence. Products range from smart locks that close up your home as you leave, to surveillance software, that notifies you when there’s an impending threat. These are often connected to local emergency services and contain a range of impressive features, more than enough to secure your home from intruders and other potential safety threats.

Central Heating Systems

Ever faced the dilemma of wanting to return to a warm house at the end of the day, but reluctant to splurge so much on increased electricity bills? With smart home products, never be caught at a crossroads again. Switch off your heating when you leave home and remotely activate it just before you leave work, saving your money and enhancing your comfort in the process. Smart heating technology is very popular among home automation enthusiasts, and is a useful product in an era of conscious consumption and energy efficiency.

Smart Home Entertainment

The tech industry is all about futuristic entertainment products for everyday usage. With home automation technology, immersive gaming and movie experiences are a piece of cake. From automatically adjusting lighting and sound settings to suit your preferences and giving you access over all your entertainment devices through a centralised app, smart home products also give you the best of audio and video experiences through cutting-edge technology.

Key Takeaways

While the above products are only a few of the systems and devices available on the market, they form the core of what a majority of purchasers opt for, upon undertaking wholescale home automation. According to Statista, it is estimated that about 82.5 million smart home systems will be in place by 2021. With this level of market entry, it is clear that beyond improving your home and increasing your comfort, such systems are bound to leave an indelible mark on a number of unforeseen areas. With technology likely to advance over time, getting in on the trend while it’s hot will undoubtedly be one of the smartest investment you can make this year.

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