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Should I Invest in Customised Smart Home Automation?

With smart homes completely taking over home renovation and design, we’re constantly inundated with stories about how they make life more comfortable and convenient. Sure, it can switch off your lights if you forget to, or warm up your home when you’re miles away, but what does this actually mean for you?

Customised Smart Home Automation

Our blog this week takes a look at the specifics of customised home automation, and exactly why you should consider making this your next investment (if you haven’t already!!). We guarantee that life will never be the same.

What would a customised smart home look like?

Given the intelligence of your smart devices, customisation is more or less part and parcel of your home automation experience. The devices and solutions you invest in will pick up your behavioural patterns and preferences and automatically adjust itself to meet your needs.

What exactly would this look like? Say for instance you have the habit of coming home and walking straight into your kitchen or bedroom. If you have smart lighting in place, these areas of your home will be automatically lit up as you unlock your front door. Driving home after work? Your garage doors can be programmed to automatically open once you enter its customisable radius.

These are just a few of the exciting features smart home devices and solutions possess. More than just the cool tricks mentioned above, however, these products have greater effects than those which are immediately perceivable. Let’s take a look at some of these.

They help save money

As you've probably heard already, smart home products are a sure fire way of cutting down on those pesky electricity and home maintenance bills. Given that these products last longer and use less energy than their traditional counterparts, buyers are often unprepared for the level of saving these products bring about.

The most important way in which home automation devices help reduce costs is through its remote control option. For instance, having your lights switch off when you leave a room or your home, or remotely triggering your heater to start running just before you leave work, all contribute to lowered home maintenance/utility costs. While these examples may not seem particularly glamorous, they are, nonetheless, highly effective in bringing your expenditure down.

Certain products even automatically optimise your energy efficiency practices and provide suggestions on how you can make even more savings!

Living your best life has never been easier

While what the ‘best life’ might entail would differ from person to person, we can all agree that home automation helps you get a step closer to the life you aspire to lead.

With smart devices in place, never break a sweat about the small things. Running out of groceries? Not only will you be promptly informed when you need to restock, but certain devices can even place these orders for you online, and have them delivered to your doorstep. Too groggy to make your coffee so early in the morning? Through interconnected smart devices, you can even programme your coffee machine to start brewing the minute the first shrill ring of your alarm goes off.

More than this, automated security devices also helps you lead a safer and more secure life. Never have to worry about leaving your home unattended for long spells, or about the safety of your family when you’re away. Through intelligent surveillance, door locking technology, and smoke alarms, ensure you live life on the safe side.

Beyond the basic functions you can expect from security systems such as this, additional capabilities include talking to guests at your front door through in-built speakers, smart sensors which will alert you if there are any disturbances close to your home, and a range of other cool features.

Key Takeaways

Customised home automation products are a trend straight from the future. While these may seem like nothing more than a fancy tech fad for the time being, it’s only a matter of time before these become a staple in just about every household. So if you’re considering purchase and installation, for once, there’s nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon. With home automation you only stand to gain; make comfort, convenience, and cost-efficiency a way of life. 

How can smart home systems help me?


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