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Radiant Cooling and Other Energy-friendly Practices: How to Reduce the Cost of Electricity Bills in the Summer‌ ‌

As we approach the peak of the summer, staying cool is likely to be the only thing on your mind. That being said, it's possible that there's a more compelling concern you can’t shake - the exorbitant cost of a high cooling load in your home. In this regard, how can you stay cool without incurring eye-watering electricity bills? From radiant cooling systems and heat pumps to outdoor cooking, we’ve got all the answers on our blog this week.

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If you’re curious to find out how you can get past the heavy cost of cooling this summer, take a look below at some of the best ways to reduce your electricity bills!

Cook outdoors to reduce the cooling load in your home

Cooking is an integral part of life at home. Did you know, however, that all those baked dishes could be increasing the cooling load of your property?

That’s right, using your oven during the summer could be causing your air conditioner to work harder! Apart from any electricity your oven consumes, therefore, you could also be shelling out big bucks for the cooling required to dispel the heat your cooking equipment expels.

A more energy-efficient alternative would be to take your cooking outdoors. During the summer, make it a point to whip out your backyard grill for some delicious barbecue and lower electricity bills!

Invest in radiant cooling or other energy-efficient cooling systems

As underfloor heating systems begin their ascent in the home heating market, radiant cooling becomes an equally compelling amenity, especially in the summer.

With the ability to cool a room through the power of radiant transmission, none of the drawbacks associated with forced-air systems is encountered. In this regard, you can enjoy a space that’s not just cool but one that’s well-ventilated as well.

Alternatively, heat pumps are another appealing option, given their renewable energy design and heating and cooling capabilities. While these devices require somewhat of an investment at the outset, energy savings are guaranteed given that heating and cooling is sourced from the air freely available in the atmosphere.

Make use of peak time electricity rates for greater cost savings

Apart from underfloor cooling systems and other energy-efficient alternatives, another way to stay on top of your electricity bills, this summer, is to run your household equipment at the right time of your electricity cycle.

Depending on your locality, time-of-use tariffs allow you to pay different prices for your electricity, depending on the time you use it. In this regard, ‘peak time’ usually lasts between 3.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. (although this may differ from region to region) and is usually when electricity charges are higher.

Leaving your washing, drying, and other high-load chores for any time before or after this period, therefore, is sure to reduce your electricity bills.

Maintain the efficiency of your air conditioners

It’s a no-brainer that your air conditioners are likely to contribute heavily to your electricity bill in the summer. It is for this reason that you need to maintain their efficiency, as far as possible, or replace outdated models.

In terms of the former, enlist your service provider to take a look at your air conditioner and clean it from time to time. In this process, ask your cleaner to check the ductwork for dirt, especially near the seams. This is because dirt streaks in this area may lead to air leaks. In terms of the outdoor compressor, make sure you keep dirt, debris, branches, and plants away from the unit in order to ensure smooth operations.

If you choose to go for a new cooling unit, make sure you choose one with high energy efficiency ratings.

Key takeaways

While staying cool in the summer is a national priority, keeping electricity bills low is an equally pressing concern. While this may sound somewhat impractical, staying comfortable without incurring heavy costs is possible with the right tools and practices.

By investing in radiant cooling systems and heat pumps and through a range of other practices, such as cooking outside and conducting frequent maintenance on your A/C, never break a sweat over cooling costs again!

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