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Pool Heat Pumps and Solar PV Integrations

Smart Energy Council Quarterly Magazine

Madimack's internal pool heat pump calculators allow trade and direct customers to match the pool heating they require to their solar generation.

Madimack was recently reviewed by "The Smart Energy Council" and published in their quarterly magazine on how the pool heating industry is changing. Here is a little bit of behind the scenes on how we can match the solar system for you. Feel free to follow article link and read all about it on page 7.

Getting the right size pool heat pump

Calculating the heat loss through evaporation and other losses comes first to calculate the size of the pool heating system you require. The primary data we require is as below, typically size of pool and desired temperature are main requirements but also shading, type of swimming pool and location are also very important.

Primary Data for Pool Heat Pump

From this data comes the fun part of finding the right unit for your pool through some complex algorithms and data from historic temperature statistics the software chooses the closest demographic to the postcode and calculates an average of energy required and daily losses.

A pool cover can drastically reduce the amount of heat loss from evaporation.

From this data we then get a nice chart to show heating times per heat pump on a daily basis and estimated running cost comparison for maintained water temperature. The running cost mostly the same at not dependant on the size of the unit as it is heat loss replacement. For example a 13kW heat pump running for 10 hours = 130kWh is also the same as a 26kW running for 5 hours.

Madimack Elite Silent Running Cost

Typically the longest time we specify a heat pump to run on a daily basis is ten hours to try and run at the same time as the chlorination and filtration times, unless power supply only allows a smaller unit then the Madimack Pool Pump Box can extend the run times by utilising the same circulation pump for increased energy savings. So in this case the minimum we would reccomend is 13kW

For solar systems already installed or for customers looking to add solar in the future this is where Madimack stands above the rest. We have a compatibility algorithm which helps to choose the right pool heat pump.

Compatibility Algorithm of Pool Heat PumpMadimack Pool Pump ChartSolar Output Vs Heat Pump Max Run Time ChartProduction and Heat Run Time Chart of Pool Pump











The data displayed is for indication only and is based on NSW North facing panels without any obstructions and does not display used energy by the customer and only suggests maximum possible energy production.



For this example I have picked a relatively close range solar size for pool heating requirements. As you can see the 13kW heat pump is slightly out of the production lines and is most likely to be overlapping the times of energy use in the morning and evening before and after work from the user. The same goes for the 26kW heat pump where it is out of the production lines, also if a smaller solar inverter is used then some of the solar energy might be "cut". Therefore in this case I would reccomend the 21kW heat pump for a typical worker here the home is empty for the middle of the day as the production rates are within the lines and still within the times of when people are at work.

All this is completely individualised and daily routines and solar size would be taken into account. This software simply allows complete transparency in Madimack's ability to really choose the right system for the job taking all guess work out of the equation.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog as always any questions to out tech team are welcome.

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