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NDIS - SDA Automation Scope of Works

What is the minimum scope of work for SDA automation

The required scope of works for NDIS SDA apartments can be vague and complex with the term "provisioned" used being confusing and not indicating actual requirements to be functioning from a users aspect or from an SDA requirement. Recently it has been updated to include some easier to understand requirements but still out biggest question received from developers and housing providers is "what is the scope requirment to be delivered?"

Madimack has been working with some of the largest housing providers and care providers to develop a base standard scope which is not only required for certification but also brings appeal to the participant with the access and usability and having the care provider equiped with the correct tools to assist when required.

There are a lot of automation devices on the market which have their own app and these can and have been thrown together to make something automate. Now while the automation of doors, windows, blinds are important, the safety and reliability of the system is critical! This is to both the participant and the care provider. Without the correct system in place to prevent outages or down time the system can become unusable, unstable and therefore a risk.

Madimack provides a 10 point safety assessment of all projects to ensure the system being implemented is fit for purpose.

Here we will discus what is now becoming the minimum scope and the reasoning behind it.

SDA Automation Scope

Application and user friendly

Ohmie Automation App

Requirement for a single app configuration and easier operation for the end user has been one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Madimack teamed up with Ohmie to bring "works with google home" functionality. This now provides an SDA specific integrated solution with a customised platform for easy to use large font buttons. You can find out more on the interface here

Call assist 

This is probably one of the most important requirements and is integral to the communications which allows the on-site carer to achieve the best care which they can give. The call assist should be of a hospital grade standard for reliability and longevity.

Madimack uses a stable and market leading established call assist which has been implemented in specialist care developments nationwide. It is equiped with a monitoring system to enable how much care is required per site and for scheduling of staff to ensure all requirements are met.  Also included is an escalation function which can alert on or offsite if a call isn't responded to in time, this is critical in cases of fire and power outages


The onsite network should expand not only in the participants room and the care assistants room but throughout all traffic-able area's this ensures communication can be stable and remain consistent whether the care assistant is taking a call or they are providing assistance to a particiular participant.

Entrance and door control

The entrance door and balcony door should have the ability to be operated by a standard entry system and an automation system, which can be controlled by the participants on person mobile device. Madimack has integrated both voice control and push button control to enable entry and exit to any number of doors, using googles voice recognition algorithms ensures easier usability and can be programmed for single word operation.

Accessibility should not be limited to their SDA apartment and carers room. Access and freedom to move around all of the development areas including rooftop terraces and garden/pool areas should be available whilst still being on the network. The participants independance should be a priority during the design phase. 

Madimack starts from the base build of the structure to enable full network coverage is enabled throughout the complex and is part of the safety and reliability checks which are taken into consideration.

SDA Automation UPS and Fire alarm

The UPS is a minimum requirement in all SDA apartments in the event of power failure. Ensuring the network continues to operate for a minimum of 2 hours to allow a care provider to assist in special requirements which may be necessary. Contact us to find out more about how our fire and UPS notification system works.

Climate control

This is often over looked but should be looked at, as keeping the occupant at a comfortable and safe temperature level. Ensure that the temperature control can be adjusted through the automation platform and not only switch on/off through power down. Madimack's system allows complete control of the temperature fan speed and timers all through the application. It can also be configured to switch on automatically if the outside air temperature reaches above a particular temperature.

Other automation units

From our projects and speaking to carers, participants and family members the above SDA automation scope covers the minimum requirements which need to be met. Madimack's platform includes the ability to add on any google enabled device and has the ability to have potentially an unlimited amount of options. We can facilitate any size of development and care requirement into your project.

To find out more please feel free to contact us direct on 1300 899 373 or fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch

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