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Multi-Unit Residential Heating with Geothermal Heat Pumps

At this point, we’ve canvassed the benefits of geothermal heat pumps quite extensively. One area we’ve saved for deeper discussion, however, is this system’s ability to provide heating and cooling to multi-unit apartments in commercial properties. On that note, did you know that these solutions allow for simultaneous geothermal heating and cooling?

commercial geothermal - geothermal heat pumps - geothermal heating and cooling

If you’re unaware of how this works or are interested in fitting your properties with commercial geothermal capabilities, our blog this week serves as the perfect guide. Continue reading to find out how this technology works and why it’s revolutionising multi-unit residential spaces across the country!

How do geothermal heat pumps power multi-unit residential heating?

As discussed before, these systems circulate liquids that extract heat from an underground loop, through a heat pump and a building’s ducts.

When switched to cooling mode, heat is sucked from the building and then sent into the underground loop, which often runs as deep as 300 feet. These make geothermal heating and cooling systems 45% more efficient compared to similar solutions.

Each unit has its own heat pump, with certain buildings carrying as many as 20-24 geothermal units which are supplied by vertical ground loops. Each of these supply hot or cool air through ductwork, eliminating the need for backup heating or cooling solutions, in most instances.

The internal temperature of each unit, therefore, is controlled by individual thermostats. This gives residents uninhibited control over the temperature inside.

What are the benefits of using commercial geothermal in apartment properties?

Given the multiplicity of the benefits enjoyed by those who seek comfort and efficiency through geothermal heat pumps, commercial installations generally reap impressive returns.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits that can be enjoyed by installing these solutions to power multi-unit heating and cooling.

Individual zoned control

As outlined above, one of the biggest benefits of geothermal systems is that they allow residents in each apartment to enjoy their own level of heating and cooling.

Without the need to forego comfort, therefore, these solutions allow owners and residents to benefit from significantly reduced electricity bills.

Given that most of the heating and cooling is generated from the heat freely available in the earth itself, this represents a cost-effective way to meet considerable energy requirements.

Preparing for the future

Another benefit property owners can enjoy is better preparedness for the future.

Given that business costs and earnings fluctuate dramatically alongside shocks in the energy market, commercial geothermal solutions insulate proprietors against this risk. It also prepares them to meet increasingly exacting regulations pertaining to environmental codes and green energy measures.

This way, businesses are not just protected in just about every angle, they’re also guaranteed nothing but smooth sailing in the future.

Increased competitiveness in a tough market

Another benefit for business owners considering commercial geothermal solutions is the increased competitiveness they can enjoy.

In this regard, apartment buildings which offer tenants lower rental prices owing to exponential energy savings may prove to be irresistible to many.

In addition to this, many individuals are also becoming increasingly conscientious about green energy practices in the places they live and work. By showing prospective tenants that environmentally friendly practices are at the core of business operations, luring loyal renters may prove to be an easier exercise than imagined.

Key takeaways

As geothermal heat pumps continue to prove their exponential value, it seems that multi-unit properties stand to gain considerable wins by opting for the same.

By empowering individual units to enjoy their own level of heating and cooling - allowing, in effect, for simultaneous climate control in a single commercial property - maintaining satisfied tenants is now more cost-effective than ever.

Choose a brighter future for your business by investing in energy solutions that can survive well past the scarcities and threats in the energy market. In this regard, commercial geothermal systems are a tried-and-tested solution for multi-tenant properties with significant energy requirements.

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