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The generation of ‘smart-living’ is in full swing.  Consumer expectations of being able to simply interact in a “smart” format, without requiring human-to-human or even human-to-computer interaction, has opened a realm of possibilities for the “tech-economy”.  As Madimack CEO, Alex Welsh, recognises; businesses who are not investing in this space risk scripting their own decay strategy.

Ohmie is one of Australia’s leading providers of IoT, having developed some of the deepest technical and functional knowledge in the tech-engineered marketplace.  Today, the company’s smart-features are accessed by a large percentage of our population on a regular basis. Madimack CEO, Alex Welsh, was introduced to Ohmie during collaborative business efforts across NDIS supported SDA’s in the High Physical Disability Sector.  Alex reflects that; “Ohmie’s seamless execution of functional applications in IoT showcased the basic product improvements available to manufacturers in the consumer and commercial arena. Ohmie is a mecca for pin-pointing gaps in current modelling and seamlessly executing user-friendly, turnkey solutions. Madimack is renowned for their provision of market leading, sustainable electronic innovation.  Together we will bring insights that drive our businesses and Australia’s position in IoT globally.”

Ohmie’s latest launch is Ohmie-Go; an exclusive Electric Vehicle Sharing Solution (EVSS) for large residential developments, commercial buildings, hotels and resorts. Ohmie CEO, Kyle Bolto notes, “Our mission is to fundamentally change the way we interact with the built environment by enabling buildings and vehicles to be intelligent and responsive to our needs in real-time while making a material impact on the sustainability of our cities. Ohmie-Go is a turnkey solution for asset owners to provide residents, tenants and guests with exclusive access to brand new electric vehicles on premise, on demand, via a user friendly smartphone app, EVSS.”

Alex continued by saying; “Businesses that do not invest-in or contribute-to engineered-tech are essentially writing their own decay strategy.  Madimack’s decision to partner with Ohmie will ensure our platform of consumer and commercial products continue to be adaptable to technology for future social & infrastructure movements in whichever arena we launch.” 

Madimack is proud to announce their investment in Ohmie and looks forward to partnering with Australia’s leading tech-engineers to cement Australia’s position on the global IoT stage.

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