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InverMac Technology: Revolutionising Pool Heating



If you're looking to turn your swimming pool into an enjoyable space, having the right pool heater can truly make a world of difference. One technology that stands out is InverMac, which has revolutionised how we heat pools. Let’s explore why having a pool heater with inverter technology is so crucial and discover the advantages it provides; improved energy efficiency, cost savings, unmatched comfort, and an eco-friendly approach.

Let us show you some advantages that you need to know as a pool owner. But first, let's more about inverter technology.

What is an Inverter Pool heater? 

From its basics, a pool heater uses a space conditioning system,  which pulls the energy out of the air from its surroundings to convert it into either a heating or cooling temperature. Heat pumps with Inverter technology use a different and intelligent technique of consistently conditioning the air to its desired temperature without using much energy. 

Unlike conventional heaters, once they reach their specific temperature, they will automatically shut down and will require restarting the heating process again, allowing it to consume more energy. The more energy it requires, the higher costs it will produce. 

Madimack offers Inverter technology known as InverMac technology.

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Here are some Key advantages of an Inverter heat pump: 

  • Energy savings
  • Costs savings
  • Comfortability 
  • Enviro-Friendly



A pool heater's energy efficiency is measured by its Coefficient of Performance (COP). The higher the COP number, the more efficient and lower the operating costs. Inverter technology boasts an impressive COP that surpasses traditional pool heaters by a wide margin. By using variable speed technology, inverter-driven heat pumps optimize energy consumption, adapting their output to meet the pool's exact heating needs.

This dynamic capability not only ensures precise temperature control but also reduces energy wastage, making inverter pool heaters remarkably efficient. As a result, pool owners can enjoy a comfortable swim without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills.

Energy Savings & Heating Capacity

Madimack’s InverEco offers COP up to 11. Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind the quiet, long-lasting, and easy-to-use Eco is perfect for energy-conscious minds. With low energy and nighttime mode, it means efficiency can be increased by up to 20%. 





Embracing inverter technology is a smart financial decision that pays off in the long run. Due to their high energy efficiency, Madimack pool heaters drastically reduce energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings. By minimizing energy waste, pool owners can expect lower electricity bills, making the investment in an inverter pool heater an economically sound choice.

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InverElite V3 has been redesigned from the ground up to bring a revolutionised pool heating system. With the newest inverter technology, the unit delivers better airflow, higher efficiency, quieter operation, and performance.

COP up to 14.6 providing double energy & cost savings 




The pursuit of ultimate comfort is what every pool owner wants. With InverMac technology, Madimack pool heaters achieve precisely that by providing a customized pool heating experience. Unlike traditional pool heaters, which operate at a fixed speed, inverter-driven heat pumps adjust their speed and output based on real-time demand.

This dynamic response ensures a consistent and comfortable pool temperature, regardless of weather conditions. Say goodbye to fluctuating temperatures and hello to an oasis of comfort that caters to your unique preferences.


With efficient energy at low speed, Inverter pool heat pumps provide low noise that gives a pleasant & more enjoyable pool experience. 

Madimack’s  pool heaters are superbly quieter than others with 35-38.4 decibels. 

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Environmental consciousness is an increasingly critical consideration for pool owners worldwide. Inverter pool heaters champion eco-friendliness with their reduced energy consumption. By utilizing customized pool heating performance, they significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize their impact on the environment.


Additionally, the energy-saving nature of inverter technology aligns with sustainable practices, making these pool heaters an ideal choice for those striving to lower their carbon footprint and embrace a greener lifestyle. Explore Enviro-Friendly's research on pool heating solutions here.



The modern-day pool owner seeks more than just a source of heating; they aspire to create an eco-friendly, comfortable, and cost-efficient pool experience. By choosing a pool heater with inverter technology, such as InverElite, you can achieve this vision and more.

InverMac technology revolutionises pool heating with its energy efficiency, cost-saving capabilities, customized comfort, and eco-friendliness. With precise temperature control and reduced energy consumption, inverter pool heaters deliver the ultimate pool heating solution, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Make the smart choice today by embracing inverter technology for your pool heating needs and experience the joys of more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable pool ownership.

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