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How Smart Home Technology Saves Money

Smart homes are the latest trend among homeowners looking to optimise the more mundane aspects of everyday life.

With the increasing accessibility of technology and innovation, homeowners find themselves making futuristic renovations, automating everything from their entertainment systems to their household security. One of the biggest advantages of moving towards automated devices is undoubtedly the massive long-term savings made on electricity bills and maintenance costs for your home. Thus, despite spending an average of 30 - 50% more for such products, you can be sure that the long-term payoff more than repays the initial investment made.

Smart Home Technology Saves Money

The article below breaks down exactly how this works, proving that energy bill saving home automation products are indeed the smartest investment for a better (and cost-effective!) future.

Remote power management

One of the most anxiety inducing moments for any homeowner is wondering whether you left the stove on, or any other potentially dangerous electrical device. With smart home systems in place, this no longer creates even the least amount of stress. With the ability to remotely manage your devices from your smartphone, you can rest assured that rushing out of the house without switching your devices off will not incur you eye-watering electricity bills, or burn your house down. In this regard, energy bill saving is possible through the installation of products such as internet enabled plugs, that automate the functioning of everyday household devices.

Energy cost monitoring

With all these automated devices operating in your home, it becomes easier for you to track your energy consumption in greater detail than ever before. Smart plugs allow you to monitor which devices are plugged into it and how much energy they absorb from the grid. Such devices also provide you with information including projected costs, real time values for voltage, current, and consumption. This gives you the unique ability to make energy cost saving changes to your lifestyle, with minimal effort and hassle on your part.

Cost-effective security solutions

With research indicating that safety is a significant driver towards the adoption of smart home systems, the tech industry has responded to this with a dizzying range of home security products. You can now monitor your home with security cameras when you’re away, lock your doors remotely with smart locks, as well as receive updates about any potential threats in your surroundings. Most systems can also be set up to contact your local law enforcement authorities in the event of security breaches ,or any other threat. This saves you the cost that’s required for more conventional subscription-based home security systems.

Energy efficient lighting and heating

With smart home lighting and heating products freely available on the market, energy bill saving practices have never been so effortless. Research into energy efficient products show that a 60 watt-equivalent LED bulb, uses 75% - 80% less energy than a 60 watt incandescent bulb; those generally used for smart home systems. These devices also have a longer lifetime than its less efficient counterparts; further evidence to show that home automation does in fact incorporate cost-effectivity and energy efficiency at the heart of its design.

Rather than leave your heater on all day long to ensure you come back to a warm and comfortable home, simply switch on your heater through your smartphone before you leave from work. This way you don’t just save costs, but also ensure that your comfort and well-being is always part of the equation. Certain smart thermostats even make recommendations on when you need to ease up on heating/cooling your home, allowing you more control over your expenditure. This is especially so given that heating and cooling generally accounts for nearly half of a household’s energy bills. Smart heating devices also automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature by familiarising itself with your usage patterns and preferences. This saves you the time and effort required to enhance your everyday comfort.

All things considered, automating a household’s lighting and heating functions appears to be a prudent decision, considering the heightened resource scarcity and increased environmental conscientiousness of the times we live in.

Key Takeaways

Considering the factors set out above, it is abundantly clear that automated tech is becoming revolutionary in its cost-saving capabilities. Homeowners who have already made this shift can no doubt attest to this; pointing to an automated system’s ability to save on expenditure by making the smallest, almost imperceptible shifts, in your everyday activity.

With such intelligent products, never lose sleep about energy bill savings. It becomes a way of life with the right tools and systems in place.

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