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How Smart Home Automation/ Technology can Increase your Home Value

With an increasing number and range of individuals turning to technology to make life more convenient, it’s no surprise that home automation systems are growing popular by the day. Given the widespread use of home improvement technologies, its effects on the real estate market is also beginning to take shape. Owners with such systems now find themselves on the upside; especially with buyers willing to pay more for smart homes.

The article below will examine how smart homes can increase the value of your property, giving you a decisive advantage in the real estate market if you’re looking to sell.

Automation makes life easier

Individuals are always looking for greater convenience when dealing with the more mundane aspects of their lives. Automating your home to constantly adjust itself to your needs is something many people are now willing to pay money for. Research shows that even demographics that previously showed no particular preference to technology and automation, now actively use smart devices and applications. This is a positive sign for those smart home owners looking to sell, as even older buyers can easily be convinced of the benefits of owning such a property. This is evidenced by US based research that shows that people over the age of 60 own more smart home technology than the millennial demographic.

With all signs indicating that property experiences a considerable hike in value (and price!) with home automation systems in place, installing such systems in your home is sure to repay your investment even if you decide to move. Given that the use of smart home technology is growing, it’s fair to assume that this will soon become a staple feature of almost every residential property on the market.

Value additions such as smart entertainment systems can also increase value, catering to a wider range of needs and demands of potential buyers.

People are looking for more security

With statistics showing that safety is the highest motivating factor for the purchase of smart home technology, capitalising on your home’s security system is likely to prove a successful tactic in the real estate market.

Given that enhanced security features are a standard part of most home automation systems, many buyers are bought over when it can be showed that a smart home with security features is more likely to keep them and their family safe. Given that this has a direct effect on the health and wellbeing of those dearest to the buyer, spending a high price for such a home won’t be too much of a problem.

Energy efficient homes have become trendy

With a growing awareness of how technology can help make massive energy savings, home buyers on the market and even people looking to rent out property, pay attention to the energy efficiency of a listed dwelling. Particularly energy conscious individuals will feel confident purchasing a property that already has the in-built capacity to optimise energy practices, not just leading to reduced electricity bills, but a system that’s gentler on the environment as well.

People just want more comfortable homes

As mentioned earlier, people are really looking to maximise comfort and convenience in all aspects of their lives. This is especially true for a buyer in the real estate market, trying to find a home that gives him/her the most luxurious lifestyle their budget can afford them. Having your coffee brewed and ready for you when you wake up, making your home warm and comfortable when you return from work, are small changes that make life easier and more enjoyable. Home automations systems do just that, giving people the lifestyles they desire and deserve.

You can’t go wrong with home automation

Home improvement systems are the future. With technology becoming more accessible to more and more individuals, their preference for automated software and tools as an everyday part of life has increased. When it comes to buying a new home, this has become a considerable factor. With such trends dominating the real estate industry, sellers in possession of energy efficient homes stand to gain more than their initial investment.

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