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How much does it cost to heat a swimming pool?

How much does it cost to heat a pool?

When it comes to heating a swimming pool, how much does it cost and what affects the pool heating requirements? are some of the widely asked questions in pool heating industry, In this blog we are going to answer those questions and elaborate how pool heating cost vary between different climate conditions, the client's expectations, and swimmers comfort.


Before we go through the breakdown of a pool heat pump cost, keep in mind that all Madimack's heat pump utilise the latest inverter technology in the heat pump industry worldwide, not only they are more efficient than other types of heat pumps, they also harvest pure green energy from the air surrounding the pool heat pump, from a client perspective this means less running cost and more energy savings. let's talk numbers as that is what matters at the end!

A Madimack inverter pool heat pump can save annually up to $500 compared to on/off models, more than $1500 when compared to a gas pool heat pump, and more than $5000 when compared to an electric element system, in addition to that integrating a solar power generation system can reduce your running cost up to 100%, no more worrying about running costs!

The more capacity a pool heat pump has the more cost you are going to add to it, Now let's breakdown the pricing of a pool heat pump and and analyse how the sizing is done when purchasing a unit from Madimack.

Swimming pool location:

Geographic location of the pool plays a huge role in sizing a pool heat pump, thus it can affect the cost significantly, for instance a pool in Sydney of a specific size requires a 17 kW heat pump for all year round season, however in Melbourne the same pool in the same season requires a 24 kW heat pump due to the colder weather during winter season in Melbourne. Choosing your swimming season affects your pool heat pump size as-well, heating a pool all year round requires almost 50% more power than heating it in an extended season.

Swimming pool shape and dimensions:

 Size and dimensions of a heated pool is another aspect that should be considered, larger pool means larger pool heat pump is required for heating. let's take an example, a Pool in Brisbane of size 30,000 L will have a heat pump of 13 kW for all year round, on the other hand a pool of 40,000 L on same conditions will have a 17 kW unit installed for reaching the optimum swimming temperatures.

A pool with an infinity edge will also affect the pool heating process, surface area of the infinity edge must be added to the total swimming pool surface area which can slightly increase the size of pool heat pump.

Swimming pool cover:

Never underestimate a pool cover, we recommend all our clients to provide a pool cover for their pool heating, this simple and relatively cheap device can cut down your unit cost up to 50%, due to it's ability to store the thermal energy inside the pool, reduce evaporation and thus reducing the size of the designated pool heat pump. If you do not have a pool cover and you are looking for some advice to buy one, let us know, we can give you a recommendation on the best pool covers in the market.

Swimming temperature:

This is purely based on your desire of swimming temperature and your comfort standards, pools swimming temperature usually are set between 26 - 30 degrees celsius, 28 is the most common choice and our recommended swimming temperature for maximum comfort however if you chose to go with 26 degrees this will reduce the size of your pool heat pump by 3 - 5 kW therefore $1000 - $1500 in cost.


These were the major aspects that should be looked at when selecting and pricing a pool heat pump, In summary the cost of a heating unit is mainly determined by the location of the pool, size of the pool, pool cover usage, and the desired swimming temperature. keep in mind that there are other parameters that can slightly change the size and cost of a pool heat pump such as shading, pool colour, indoor or outdoor pool, and wind activity.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any further details required, our team of expertise will be glad to assist you through your pool heating evaluation and provide you with an efficient pool heat pump at a competitive price.


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