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How is Heat Pump Hot Water Produced?

Given the immense popularity energy-efficient heating equipment has enjoyed in the recent years, heat pump hot water is another solution growing in use these days. Using just one-third of the electricity consumed by electrical heaters, these systems rely on the hot air in the external environment to fuel its cost-friendly water heating functionality.

Child Beathing in Heat Pump Hot Water

 Owing to its meteoric rise in use in many modern properties, therefore, our blog this week dives into how heat pump hot water is produced and the benefits of this solution.

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How is heat pump hot water produced?

Operating much like a refrigerator, heat pump hot water is produced through the transfer of heat from the outside environment to the water stored inside the unit. This is done through a simple heat exchange system.

What does this process look like?

First, hot air is drawn through a fan, into the heat pump system. This then passes through an evaporator containing a certain refrigerant, stored in the device’s piping. Referred to as R134a, the refrigerant is significantly environmentally friendly compared to other cooling agents.

T124a has an evaporation or boiling point of -26℃. Given the heat of the air drawn into the system, the refrigerant is transformed from a liquid into a gas. This then passes through a small valve, where the gas is compressed, producing a significant amount of heat.

The heat exchanger in the system then transfers this heat from the gas pipes to a tank where the water is stored. Given that the heat from the refrigerant has been drawn out, it return into a liquid state, commencing the heat pump cycle once again.

Benefits of producing heat pump hot water

As demonstrated above, heat pump hot water is not produced through the use of electricity, as is the case with conventional water heaters. It, therefore, makes for a compelling heating solution for property owners who are increasingly conscious about energy usage.

So, what benefits can heat pumps users anticipate?

Increased energy savings

Producing between 3 - 5 times the amount of renewable energy compared to the minimal electricity required to run this device, heat pumps are a great source of energy and cost savings for property owners.

With these systems, hot water requirements are met through a renewable source of energy, reducing heating costs significantly from the get-go. For property owners that opt for multi-purpose heat pumps - which have the ability to provide both home heating and cooling - these savings are increased exponentially.

Climate adaptability

Given the operational setup of heat pumps, many fall prey to the assumption that these devices are ineffective in cold climates.

Owing to their superior technology, however, heat pumps are operative even in weather that dips to -10℃! Thus, depending on the type of heat pump chosen, homeowners can enjoy improved energy efficiency and savings no matter the season or temperature!

It must be noted, however, that in extremely cold conditions, the device may rely on more electricity to remain operative and effective.

Environmentally friendly water heating

For property owners that are conscious about their carbon footprint, heat pump hot water is another way in which they can enjoy guilt-free water heating.

Given the minimal amount of electricity used, this solution is one that can withstand the test of time, especially considering the gradual increase in global temperature, every year.

Key takeaways

For properties that require significant hot water heating, heat pump hot water is an effective way to meet increasing demand without incurring excessive heating costs.

By choosing heat pumps - devices which rely on a freely-available resource to generate luxurious heating - individuals can enjoy almost unlimited comfort without the stress associated with conventional water heaters.

Beyond these benefits, however, heat pumps are also fantastic for functions that go beyond hot water production. With the impressive ability to provide home heating and cooling as well, this solution is a must-have for the increasingly energy-efficient homes and commercial properties of the future.

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