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Hot Water Heaters vs Boilers - The Best Choice for Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating, which primarily takes the form of hydronic underfloor systems, is a popular heating solution in numerous properties across Australia. This, in part, is due to the exceptional energy efficiency that can be enjoyed when these systems are paired with other solutions. These include heat pumps, hot water heaters, and boilers.

radiant heating - hot water heaters - heat pump

Here, radiant heating combines the benefits of other support systems and provides comfort and relaxation in a truly affordable manner. In this regard, what specific benefits do hot water heaters boast and how do they improve the operations of hydronic underfloor solutions?

Diving into the pros of pairing your radiant heating system with a hot water heater, continue reading our blog for the best energy savings tips!

Hot water heaters power radiant heating at lower temperatures

When considering radiant heating solutions, in particular, hot water heaters prove to be an almost perfect auxiliary heating system.

Given that water heaters are geared to run at lower temperatures, these devices allow hydronic underfloor heaters to provide heat without heating the water in these systems excessively. This leads to greater efficiency and savings.

Boilers, on the other hand, prove to be less efficient despite the fact that many pair their radiant heating systems with these devices.

This is because boilers are designed to operate at high temperatures in order to power the operations of radiators. If they are to produce water heating at a lower temperature, additional parts are required in order to achieve this effect. This can prove to be costly, adding to excessive expenditure on heating bills.

Water heaters are more efficient compared to boilers

While boilers may seem to produce water heating at a much powerful capacity, efficiency is the name of the game in modern market conditions.

In this regard, water heaters prove to be a far superior match for radiant heating systems, compared to the former. How so?

Despite the fact that hot water heaters lose heat during standby mode and may need to be paired with a space heating function for greater efficiency, boilers are more inefficient when they’re under-utilised or are oversized. This means that if heating requirements aren’t high, it will cost more to produce lower levels heating, as opposed to water heaters.

Water heaters are low-maintenance and highly reliable

Another consideration that works in favour of hot water heaters is that they do not require excessive maintenance.

By performing routine check-ups and mild cleaning - getting rid of sediment, checking relief valves, and replacing the sacrificial anode - when required, these devices work without a fault for years on end.

The anode, in particular, is highly important given that it is this component that protects the storage tank when impurities inside create a galvanic reaction. By checking this and replacing the anode from time to time, preventing corrosion and lengthening the lifespan of water heaters is an almost mindless activity.

On the whole, maintenance is much less intensive and more affordable compared to boilers and other heating devices. They’re also more convenient to replace in the event they corrode or experience other kinds of damage.

Water heaters are safe

Compared to other heating equipment, water heaters are also considered to be safer given the greater number of safety controls available.

Accidents that do happen, are almost always the result of improper installation or inappropriate handlings, such as when the relief pipe is plugged for some reason or the other. When installed well and used properly, these devices prove to be safe and reliable; dispelling nightmares of exploding water tanks or damaged radiant heating equipment.

Key takeaways

By pairing radiant heating systems with hot water heaters, property owners such as yourself can now enjoy greater savings, efficiency, and comfort. With these systems, producing luxurious heat - without experiencing the stress of exorbitant electricity bills - is perfect for the erratic weather changes in Australia.

Choose a hot water heater today and power your radiant heating through a low-temperature system design quite unlike any other.Find out more about the best hardware for your property! 

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