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Combining Heat Pumps with Solar Panel Heating

When considering the combined benefits of solar panel heating and heat pumps, there seems to be no end to the comfort that can be enjoyed by property owners. By bringing together the supreme climate adaptability of the latter and the free energy generated by solar technology, cost efficiency and energy-efficient heating and cooling becomes a standard feature in modern properties.

solar panel heating - heat pumps

Our blog this week dives into how this combined technology would work, before diving into all the gains forward-thinking homeowners stand to make. Continue reading for more!

System compatibility

Solar PV systems happen to make the perfect fit in homes that feature heat pump technology.

Given that heat pumps require slight electrical consumption in order to convert the hot air outside into heating or cooling energy, solar panels are the perfect way to eliminate this expenditure.

Because heat pumps produce up to four times the energy it consumes, together, these systems represent the most cost-efficient way to enjoy luxurious heating and cooling.

In this regard, many fear that these devices will absorb all of the panel’s free energy. Depending, however, on the capacity of the system itself, there’s usually enough to power a property’s electricity requirements and then some, allowing homeowners to sell the excess electricity back to the grid!


The only drawback of opting for a combined solution such as this lies in its high startup/installation costs.

What needs to be kept in mind, in this process, is that these costs are only incurred at the outset. These systems cost zero to run and the only additional expenditure that will be incurred, thereafter, is for routine maintenance.

In addition to this, there are also a number of rebates and incentive schemes for these solutions. Mostly applying to solar installations, homeowners can choose from a range of solar financing options including green loans, personal loans, power purchase agreements, leases, and mortgages.

Purchasing these systems, therefore, become significantly more affordable.

In terms of heat pumps, the cost varies depending on the system chosen.

In this regard, geothermal devices - the most efficient heat pumps on the market - are considerably more expensive compared to air source solutions. This is due to the presence of underground coils and the more extensive installation process required by these devices.

Benefits of combing solar panel heating with heat pumps

High efficiency

As mentioned earlier, the climate adaptability of heat pumps makes it a perfect supplement to solar panel systems, which are limited during winter months.

In this way, both systems complement the other’s efficiency cycles, ensuring that homeowners maintain the perfect indoor climate right through summer and winter. Unlike the case with traditional heaters and coolers, there’s no need to feel guilty about cranking up the thermostat or air conditioners all the way, just to remain comfortable.

Climate adaptable heating and cooling

During the summer, families may be concerned about excessive heating due to the combined capacities of heat pumps and solar panel heating.

There is, however, nothing to be concerned about.

Given the functionality of this combined system, heat pumps discard the excess heat produced by solar panels and can even store this energy for use during the winter.

This means that in the summer, residential properties are maintained at a much cooler temperature than in the winter and vice versa, automatically. Homeowners, therefore, do not need to busy themselves with adjusting the thermostat constantly in order to enjoy undisturbed internal comfort.

Key takeaways

Given the remarkable energy solutions available, nowadays - heat pumps and solar panel heating, for instance - cost-efficient heating and cooling is no sweat.

By combining the superior efficiency, functionality, and capacity of these systems, homeowners can now breeze through the summer and winter with virtually zero energy bills. Living in luxurious comfort without worrying about the vulnerabilities and price shocks of the global energy market is, therefore, rendered easier than ever.

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