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Combining Heat Pumps and Solar Power: A Winning Energy Strategy

All across Australia, solar panels are a popular way for property owners to eliminate their reliance on the grid. Given that these systems have the ability to harness free energy from the sun, they’re often paired with other solutions to ensure unparalleled comfort inside homes. Here, heat pumps represent a popular pairing option for many homeowners. Given that these devices harness another type of renewable energy - heat from the air outside or the earth’s core - this combination allows individuals to enjoy a multitude of benefits.

heat pumps - solar - ground source heat pump - air source heat pump

Curious to find out what these are? Our blog this week takes a look. Continue reading to discover the benefits of combining solar energy with heat pumps!

A combined system can be paired with a heat recovery ventilator

For buildings which enjoy free-flowing ventilation, exhaust air recovery systems tend to be a common feature.

By installing a combined heat pump-solar panel system in such a setting, heat pumps are able to recover heat from the exhaust air being expelled through the heat recovery system. This is then reused for internal heating and for hot water purposes.

Some systems even come with accumulators for both of the above-mentioned facilities. With these in place, it’s also possible to store solar energy whenever it’s available!

By combining these solutions, therefore, optimal operations and savings can be enjoyed based on real energy consumption. In this process, make sure that you consult qualified installers and experts in order to enjoy all the benefits of this three-pronged system.

They lower a building’s carbon footprint

Another benefit of combining solar panels with heat pumps is that properties enjoy a lower carbon footprint. While this is significant for residential properties alone, it, arguably, possesses more value for commercial and office spaces. In one such application, a homeowner reported that domestic carbon footprint had fallen from 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide per annum to just under 2.0 tons - a reduction of 64%.

In a country moving toward more conscious consumption and at a time where carbon footprint is a crucial business concern, a combined solution such as this can make a significant difference to organisational operations.

Energy ratings are important to businesses. By reducing carbon footprint, promoting ethical operations to win public favour is easier than ever with solar energy and heat pumps.

Combining heat pumps and solar panels allow you to make maximum use of solar energy

Unbeknown to many, domestic applications of solar panels allow homeowners to leverage only around 50% of the energy generated. The rest is fed into the grid, preventing homeowners from storing this energy for future use.

With heat pumps, this problem is resolved to a great extent. Given that these devices emit heat at low temperatures over a significant period of time, demand for energy is low and is maintained at a constant pace. This means that both air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps allow individuals to increase solar usage by around 20%.

Both technologies are becoming increasingly affordable

For property owners who wish to sweeten the deal, the increasing affordability of solar panels and heat pumps also proves to be a compelling factor.

Beyond natural price reduction, government rebates and incentives are also likely to be available for both solutions. Solar panels, in particular, enjoy a wide range of incentives and financing options. This makes switching over to renewable energy-based technology such as these significantly easier on the wallet.

Key takeaways

By combining solar panels and heat pumps, homeowners, managers, and property owners can enjoy cost-efficient heating and cooling, a lower carbon footprint, and much more, all through affordable technology.

Leveraging two different sources of renewable energy, this combined system makes managing energy-efficient and comfortable properties easier and more affordable than ever. By choosing both solar energy and heat pumps, therefore, individuals no longer have to compromise on comfort in order to enjoy superior energy savings!

Choose the right heat pumps and solar panels and transform your living toward zero energy today!

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