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Can my hydronic heating system be used for cooling?

One of the questions we frequently encounter here at Madimack, is whether hydronic heating systems can be used for cooling as well. While the short answer is, yes, it can, it’s interesting to look at how this takes place. Beyond that, however, we also hear our customers ask us why they should choose hydronic cooling for their homes and office spaces. Besides, don’t air conditioners do the job just as well?

hydronic heating - heat pumps

This week, we decided to outline our answers in the form of a blog post. Here, we will not only dive into how hydronic heating can be used for cooling but also the indisputable benefits of choosing to do so. Continue reading to find out!

How can underfloor heating be used for cooling?

Hydronic technology continues to impress us to this day. Given its ability to be leveraged for a variety of purposes in a number of different settings, it’s really no surprise that one and the same heating system can deliver cooling as well.

In this regard, hydronic cooling is achieved through the circulation of cooled water through underfloor pipes. These effectively absorb heat from a room, resulting in the even distribution of temperature in a given space without the unpleasantness of cold spots and drafts.

Why should you choose hydronic heating for cooling?

While it may be the norm to view heating and cooling as two separate functions or systems, new technology on the market has allowed individuals to derive cooling from heating systems.

Apart from heat pumps, underfloor heating systems make equally compelling candidates. In this regard, property owners can anticipate the following:

It saves money

Forget spending an arm and a leg to install and maintain two separate climate-control systems - with hydronic underfloor heating, you can now enjoy the bliss of superior cooling as well.

Beyond this, property owners also save when it comes to expenditure on electricity bills. Given that heating and cooling is facilitated through water running through the system’s pipes, this solution does not rely on electricity to control internal climate.

Zoned control

Another factor that makes these systems incredibly lucrative is that it allows individuals to enjoy different levels of heating and cooling in individual rooms. Want a warm bathroom and a cool bedroom? No problem - achieve both at the same time with these solutions in place.

This doesn’t just provide individual comfort for all occupants, therefore, it also prevents unnecessary wastage by allowing individuals to enjoy the exact level of warmth or cooling they desire.

Optimised operations for lower energy loss

Another factor that renders hydronic cooling systems a stellar choice for properties is the prevention of energy loss. This is something many homes and commercial spaces are now paying greater attention to. Here, this takes place in four notable ways:

Lower transmission energy usage

Because water is better able to transfer heat, compared to air, these systems can transfer heat through a circulator using significantly less energy. This applies to cooling functions as well.

Optimised operating modes

Another way in which energy efficiency is maintained is through a lower consumption of energy. This is due to the fact that chillers within the system are allowed to operate more efficiently, even when return water temperatures are high.

Lower temperatures requirements

With hydronic heating systems, comfort levels comparable to those produced by traditional heaters and coolers can be achieved at optimum temperatures. This means that even in higher internal temperatures, occupants can feel cool and comfortable - reducing energy consumption significantly.

Lower transmission losses

In forced-air systems, poor insulation and duct leakage can result in heavy transmission losses. Distribution systems, such as hydronic heating solutions, lower transmission losses owing to the unique way in which these systems are designed and operate.

Key takeaways

Hydronic heating systems are good for more than just energy-efficient heating. By consulting experts in the field, leveraging your hydronic underfloor system for cooling is now easier than ever.

Without the need to maintain separate systems and owing to the high efficiency these solutions are renowned for, therefore, saving money while basking in comfort is now just a way of life.

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