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Can I use my pool heat pump in winter?

Can I use my heat pump during winter?

Heat pumps are brilliant inventions when it comes to renewable energy, they harvest energy from the surrounding air and transfer it to the flowing water of your swimming pool. A question that homeowners tend to ask when they hear this is: how can a heat pump possibly draw energy from the air during the cold days in winter? Does that mean I can’t use my heat pump during winter?

Rest assure that you can always use your pool heat pump anytime in the year. Our Madimack pool heat pumps were designed to meet the Australian climate, they can be operated with temperatures as low as – 10 C° and as high as 45 C°.

It is harder to absorb heat in a colder climate so the heat output is less, in this case you will need more heating output power to achieve the desired swimming temperatures.

Here are 7 things you should know about winter pool heating:

1- No limitations

Your pool heat pump can always harvest energy from the surroundings even in the coldest of days, efficiency and output will be affected when it is cold which can be solved by increasing the heat pump size, increasing the length of time the heat pump runs for or reducing the pool temperature.

2- Defrost mode

Defrost mode has got you covered. This feature is fully automated, whenever ice starts to form on the heat pump’s components defrost process is activated. The heat pump will reverse run a few cycles to melt any ice formed and runs back normally when all ice is eliminated. This process will only take few minutes and generally will not affect your pool heating times.

3- Always maintain your heat pump

Clear any winter debris around the pool heat pump area to allow proper ventilation, remember that a heat pump will not run effectively with blocked airflow.

4- Pool covers are your best friend

Use your pool cover whenever you heat your pool. Your pool cover acts as an insulation layer to your pool which is very important to save your supplied energy inside the pool, it will also reduce evaporation which is one of the biggest loss of heat and water. 

5- Bigger units make your winter feels like summer

A bigger unit size means an easy winter for your pool heat pump due to the higher efficiency and power, always go with the larger sizes if you are looking for winter pool heating.

6- Maximum running times

Give your pool heat pump some time. Technically the heat pumps are to run 24hours a day every day. Not a problem with a single pump controller from Madimack to ensure the pool doesn't over-chlorinate and with multiple timer setting on the WiFi application you can set silent mode to run at night and full power during the day. 

7- Remote control through the app

Use your Wi-Fi application to manage your pool heat pump. No need to leave your warm spots to check on the pool heat pump, or submerge your toes in the ice-cold water to check if your heat pump is done heating or not, our application got you covered in winter, monitor and control your heat pump easily from your home.

If you have any questions at  all about how to make the most of your pool in winter with efficient pool heating get in touch.


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