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Best Pool Heating Options - Top 10 questions to ask & key factors to consider in your selection

Top 10 questions to ask when selecting the right pool heating option for you and your pool: 

When it comes to enjoying your pool year-round, selecting a reliable and efficient pool heater is crucial.

Finding the best pool heater for you requires research, knowing the  right questions to ask and considering specific factors relevant to your pool set up and needs. Considerations include; your pool's environment, use of a pool cover, equipment access, swimming habits and average temperatures. In addition, choosing a reputable brand will provide you with confidence that support and service is ‘at-the-ready’. It is important to do your research and ask the right questions. Let's explore these points further.

If you want to fast forward to the answer and have an instant online heating evaluation generated, skip to the online calculator:

Madimack's Heating Evaluation and Pool Heater Sizing Calculator here.



  1. Understanding Your Pool's Environment: Assess whether your pool is shaded or exposed to natural sunlight. Shaded pools typically require more heating power, while sunnier pools may benefit from lower-output heaters. Additionally, consider other environmental elements such as wind exposure, as they can impact heat retention.
  2. Let your Pool Cover help: Using a pool cover significantly reduces heat loss and saves energy. Ensure compatibility between your chosen pool heater and a pool cover. Some heaters are specifically designed to work efficiently with covers, maximising heat retention and minimising energy consumption.
  3. Will your pool heat pump have adequate ventilation to operate effectively and efficiently: Ensure your pool heating equipment allows for adequate ventilation. Sufficient airflow is necessary with heat pump to prevent overheating and ensure optimal, energy-efficient, performance. Consider the placement of the heater and verify that there is enough space and ventilation available in that location with your installer.
  4. Ensure that your pool heater model and size matches your required swimming habits: Consider your swimming habits to determine the appropriate pool heating solution. If you swim occasionally or in warmer weather only, a heater with lower output or on-demand heating capability, might suffice. However, if you desire year-round pool usage, to ensure you’re still heating your pool effectively and efficiently you will need a larger sized heater (per kW).
  5. Consider the impact of the Local Average Temperature: The average temperature in your area is a key factor to consider. Colder regions require more powerful heaters to maintain comfortable swimming temperatures, while warmer areas may need less heating capacity or even the ability to cool. Evaluate the local climate and temperature fluctuations throughout the year to select a pool heater that suits your specific requirements.
  6. Stick with a Reputable Brand with Market Leading Product Warranties : 
    Selecting an established brand for your pool heater will save you a lot of angst.  They will typically offer the best warranties along with local service and support. Reputable brands have a track record of providing reliable, high-quality products, they invest in the research and development to deliver innovative solutions and adhere to strict industry standard. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE NOW! 5 (1)-2
    Choosing a reputable brand usually ensures that you receive a durable and efficient pool heater that will provide years of reliable performance. Check out excellent product reviews of Madimack here.
  7. Complete Madimack's Consolidated Heating Evaluation and Pool Heater Sizing Calculator: To make an informed decision and choose the best pool heater for your needs, we recommend using Madimack's Heating Evaluation and Pool Heater Sizing Calculator. This comprehensive tool considers various factors unique to your pool and provides tailored recommendations. Madimack's calculator allows you to input specific details such as pool dimensions, environment, climate, and usage patterns. By analysing the data, the calculator offers a heating audit that helps determine the most suitable heating solution for your pool. Access Madimack's Heating Evaluation and Pool Heater Sizing Calculator here.
  8. Choose a local dealer with experience in Pool Heating:  To further assist you in finding the best pool heating solution, Madimack's Local Dealer Network connects you with authorized dealers who can provide expert advice, recommend suitable heating solutions, and assist with installation. Access Madimack's Local Dealer Network here.
  9. Enviro-Friendly: has conducted research on pool heating solutions based on the criteria discussed. Their website offers valuable insights and a curated list of pool heat pumps that excel in energy efficiency, user features, and benefits. Explore Enviro-Friendly's research on pool heating solutions here.
  10. Look for InverMAC Technology: Madimack's comprehensive range of pool heaters is powered by InverMAC Technology. This technology enhances energy efficiency and offers various user features and benefits.
    InverMAC Technology
    From precise temperature control to advanced energy-saving modes, Madimack's pool heaters equipped with provide an exceptional heating experience.

Choosing the right pool heater requires thorough research and consideration of various factors such as your pool's environment, pool cover usage, equipment access, swimming habits, and local average temperature. Utilize tools like Madimack's Heating Evaluation and Pool Heater Sizing Calculator to make an informed decision. Additionally, consider Madimack's Local Dealer Network and refer to Enviro-Friendly's research for further assistance. By combining these resources and knowledge, you can find the best pool heater for your specific needs, ensuring year-round comfort and enjoyment.

Use Madimack’s pool heater sizing calculator to generate a personalised report on the best pool heating options for you:

Pool Heat Pump Calculator

Fill in the details below and a detailed pool heating evaluation will be emailed instantly.
Note: You can use this calculator as many times as you need for different pool volumes if you are unsure.

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