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The benefits of pool heating!

Do I need pool heating you ask?

Here are 10 reasons why you need to integrate pool heating into your pool:


1- Extended swimming seasons: with heat pump pool heating you can have your warm water no matter what the weather-cast is telling you, even if its the coldest day in the year, however, make sure to keep your self warmed before and after the swim.

2- Added value to your property: investing in pool heating will increase the value of your home, lots of buyers set this on top of their priority list when searching for a house

3- Control your pool's temperature: feel like changing the swimming temperature today? whether you need it a bit warmer or colder, you can have the option to do so when you add a heat pump to your pool system.

4- Live a healthier life: studies showed that swimming in warm water helps in calming human's body nervous system, increase the blood flow, thus improving circulation and relaxing the muscles.

5- More ways to enjoy your family time: optimising family time with your family, nothing can stop you now from setting a pool party, or jump into the pool in a cold day of winter.

6- Low running costs: pool heat pumps do not require as much energy as an electric heater that uses resistors, or a gas heater that burns fossil fuels. heat pumps harvest renewable energy from the surrounding air, saving you tremendous amount of cost yearly.

7- Zero running cost pool heating is possible: with inverter pool heat pumps, you can integrate solar panels on the roof to use the harvested electricity in running the heat pump, reducing the running cost up to 100%.

8- Eco friendly: minimal electricity in needed to power heat pumps compared to their output and they do not have to burn anything, thus zero C02 emissions

9- Any water type can be used:  heat pumps can be used whether you have normal water, salt water, or any other type of water, the titanium heat exchanger can handle most what you throw at it.

10- Easy installation: you can add the heat pump in a new pool system or an existing one, we have included installation tips in our brochures, you can check them out in the bottom of the page.

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