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5 Reasons to Invest in a Home Automation System

Over the past few years, fast-paced lifestyles have become a universal phenomena, changing the way people live and work. To cater to this trend, technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate to make life a little easier, introducing all-new levels of comfort and convenience to the lives of everyday individuals. Among the many innovations it has spurred forth, home automation systems are among those that have become an almost overnight success, aiming to give owners more control over their home than ever before.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should invest in smart home devices and solutions, changing the way you live and thereby increasing your quality of life.

1. Life is so much easier

Home automation systems comprise of technology that allows you to control your home and its environment through a central device, giving you unparalleled autonomy to make your home and its devices better serve your needs. You can now switch off lights, turn on your heater, lock doors and activate your alarm systems remotely, with the mere click of a button. This is mostly done through an app on your phone, giving you the peace of mind and relief in those occasional instances when you’ve left home and forgotten to turn off the stove or any other smart home device.

2. It saves money

While many people might be deterred by the initial installation cost, intelligent home systems help you benefit from great savings in the long run. A US study showed that 45% of homeowners save money thanks to home automation, averaging more than $1,100 per year.This technology doesn’t just allow you to switch lights off remotely; it also tracks your consumption patterns and optimises your systems to meet your demands, adjusting the temperature to your preference, for instance.

With electricity costs in Australia skyrocketing by around 59% in recent years and with four in five Australians admitting to wasting power, it’s clear that home automation systems can rectify these issues, bringing down costs for both homeowners and the government.

3. It’s good for the environment

While we may be hardwired to only consider the economic impact of energy wasting practices, it’s important to remember its environmental impact as well. Given the processes it takes to generate the energy you consume and the resources involved, it’s much easier to understand how seemingly inconsequential actions such as leaving a light on can have such large ripple effects.

Home automation software can help reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, we may be tempted to leave our heater on all day while we’re away, to ensure the house is warm when we’re back. With such systems, you cannot just have a warm home but also save the electricity expended by keeping the heater turned on all day. Through automated functions you can now switch on the heater just as you’re leaving work, giving you the warmth and comfort your after with minimal environmental damage.

4. More security

Keeping loved ones safe is undoubtedly a primary concern for just about every homeowner. With home security systems you can now ensure your home and family is secure, with a range of devices available for this purpose including sensors, smart cameras and automated door locks. These systems also makes it easier for you to monitor the overall security of your home, giving you the ability to set alerts and alarms for unusual activity, make sure the doors are always locked, and that you’re not the subject of any accidental gas leaks, among others.

5. Enhanced comfort

One of the most significant benefits of installing a smart home system is the unparalleled comfort it brings you and your family. Intelligent home technology minimises the minor inconveniences of everyday life and gives you the opportunity to enjoy being in your home with your family. Some of these include moderating your lighting to suit your setting, controlling your air conditioning to the most comfortable temperature, and even brewing your coffee whenever you need it.

While these functions may not seem too flashy, the changes it makes to your home and lifestyle is immeasurable. Not just saving your time and money, smart home systems make sure you’re living your best life, all day, everyday.

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