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Support your local youth team with a $2000 sponsorship package. A Madimack trade incentive. For further details speak with your local Madimack representative.

100pts Authorized Madimack Dealer

As an Authorized Madimack Dealer we want to ensure that your business is capitalizing on available sales and marketing opportunities. To do this, we activate a 100pt partner-system whereby Authorized Madimack Dealers use a combination of our free tools to ensure vital customer ‘touch-points’ are being created. 100pts grants your business access to all of the listed Authorized Madimack Dealer support including placement on our lead generating Dealer Finder.



Madimack branded presence on your business website. Upload the fully designed and interactive webpage we have created, by simply uploading the supplied “code”. Alternatively, include Madimack backlinks to your business’ pool heating page, such as; Madimack’s brochures, Online Heating Evaluation and Residential Pool Heat Pump webpage.
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Attached the Madimack email signature to your business email. Simply uploaded the “Authorized Madimack Dealer” email signature so your customers recognize you as one of our authorized dealers.
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Repost Madimack social content or upload installation photos to your Social Media accounts with #Madimackpoolheatpumps or #Madimack. Engaging social content helps promote your business offerings directly with potential customers.
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Madimack proudly promote their 5 star Reviews. We share links to the site in our broader marketing channels, including on our website which is receiving over 10 thousand unique hits a month. Leverage this position for your business by encouraging clients to upload reviews that mention Madimack alongside YOUR business so when potential new customers search Madimack, they are hit with great reviews for your business too.
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Circulate Madimack branded eDM to your database. We create eDMs which are housed in MACBlack Marketing Portal which Authorized Madimack Dealers are welcome to leverage.
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Benefits of being an Authorized Madimack Dealer

  • Access to advanced Pool Heat Pump Technology
  • Access to expert sales and business support
  • Technical support from qualified technicians
  • Marketing and brand support including bespoke marketing collateral & direct lead generation tool, the Online Dealer Finder
  • Product and sales training
  • Online sizing calculator/ charts
  • Online Personal Heating Evaluation Report
  • Madimack’s Heating Performance Guarantee
  • Affiliation with Madimack’s brand (5 Star Product Review / 5 Star Google Reviews)
  • Market leading warranties
  • Access to +1 833 995 3013 support line
  • Ongoing product innovation and development

Madimack Expectations

  • You and your team are competent, professional and experienced heat pump installers
  • You fully understand the technical aspects of installation, ventilation requirements and commissioning specifics
  • You prioritize quick response time to provided leads (24-48 hrs)
  • You follow up on all leads (feedback to Madimack when required)
  • Refer to Madimack support line for all technical queries
  • Madimack generated leads are quoted and installed exclusively on Madimack units
  • You and your team provide the 5-star service Madimack is renowned for
  • Madimack’s Online Guidelines are understood and implemented
  • Madimack’s 100PT Authorised Dealer Program is actioned
  • At all times Madimack’s brand values are prioritised, whether in-person, online, instore, etc.

MacBLACK Marketing Portal

Madimack makes it simple to speak with your customers and promote the best energy-efficient options for their needs by supplying repurposable marketing materials at the touch of a button.


Markerting MacBLACK Portal

Madimack makes it simple to speak with your customers and promote the best energy-efficient options for their needs by supplying repurposable marketing materials.



Madimack is sponsoring 5 local teams up to $2,000. Take package 1 or 2 and go into the draw to win and have your local team sponsored.

Local Area Marketing

Take package 2 and receive Local Area Marketing support to the value of $2,000 with the objective of Increasing your local awareness, increase your media visibility, increase engagements and lead generation to convert into sales opportunities.

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