Marketing Insights

Madimack's internal marketing resource that will guide each department in creating relevant strategies based on the current marketing practices, competitor insights, and the company's current performance.

Case Study: Apple vs Samsung Marketing Best Practices

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest technology companies in the world. They have achieved great success in the technology industry by implementing some of the best marketing practices.
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Narrative Competitor Analysis

A comparison table for the brands Madimack Australia, Fluidra, Maytronics, and Pentair based on their product range, pricing, target market, technology, customer service, and market positioning and social media strategies.
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Marketing Updates as of April 17

Large increase in Facebook likes brought by specific paid campaigns that aims to expand Madimack's online community. There is consistent growth in reach for most channels.
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Australia's Smart Home Market

There is a rise on Australia's smart home market. Urging companies to innovate on products that are equipped with automation and internet connection.
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LinkedIn Best Practices

What are the best practices of top companies in utilizing LinkedIn for business growth? How do we apply it to Madimack?
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Website and Social Stats as of March 23

A brief performance overview for the period of March 1 to 23. A slight increase in Website and Social traffic compared to previous period.
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