My Pool Heat Pump is Leaking Water

Find out why your heat pump is leaking water

  1. Pool heat pumps, well any heat pumps produce condensation as a by product from operation.
  2. As the humid air is passed over a cold heat exchanger to absorb the energy the humidity condenses on the heat exchanger and drips into the tray below.
  3. An easy test to check that the water is condensation is by doing a sample test of the water with either a strip test or asking your pool technician/ pool shop to test it. If it is free of chemicals then it is purely condensation, if there are chemicals present contact your pool technician for further investigation.
  4. Other things to check
    1. Check the drain barb is connected to the underside of the pool heater
    2. Check the drain hose is not blocked and is freely flowing out of the hose
  5. It may seem that the water level in your pool is dropping at the same rate, this is most likely due to you heating your pool and having a higher rate of evaporation causing the water to reduce in your pool.
  6. Note that in high humidity days there can also be a small build up on the underside of the heater where the tray is full of cold condensation and then can condensate on the underside of the heater.
  7. Defrost conditions can also produce more water and will occur in colder climate conditions