Inconsistent or Fluctuating Temperatures

Know why there have been inconsistent and fluctuating temperatures


  1. Check for Water Leaks: Inspect the pool heating system for any leaks, especially around the pipes, connections, and valves. Water leaks can affect heating efficiency and lead to temperature fluctuations. Repair any identified leaks.
  2. Clean the Heat Exchanger (Heat Pump Heaters): Over time, mineral buildup or debris can accumulate in the heat exchanger, affecting heat transfer and efficiency. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean the heat exchanger or consider professional servicing.
  3. Inspect and Clean Solar panels (For Solar Heaters): Ensure that the solar panels are not obstructed by debris or shading. Clean the panels periodically to maximize solar energy absorption.



You may check your equipment's User Manual for further information. In case you may require any further assistance, you may reach us at Madimack Support.