What to do when E2 Error Code appears in your Heat Pump's Console/LCD Display?

Please refer to below steps to follow, in case you encounter this error code:

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Power-off the unit. Check the pressure gauge to confirm the pressure of the system is normal. Check the temperature on the pressure gauge. Then compare with the real ambient temperature. If the value is the same as ambient temperature, it means that the refrigerant system is normal.

2. Check whether the installation distance of the unit matched with the installation requirement.

3. Check whether the fan motor is working or the fin heat exchanger is frosting.

4. Check whether the fin motor heat exchange is clean. Otherwise perform cleaning of this part.

5. Check whether the connector of the low pressure switch connection on the PCB Board is tightened.

6. Check if the cable of the low pressure switch connection is detecting.

7. Check whether the low pressure switch is normal by using a Multimeter/VOM Tester.