Why does my heat pump not connect to WiFi/Router?

This article will guide the owner/user on how to troubleshoot an issue connecting heat pump to Wi-Fi/Router.

To isolate the issue, below initial questions to answer:

a.    How far is the Wi-Fi/Router from the heat pump?
b.    Do you have full Wi-Fi signal on your phone?
c.    Did you try switching off the mobile data on your phone prior to connecting to the heater?
d.    Are you using the right application as per the installation manual?

If you have checked above and still unsure if the issue is from the local network or from the pool heater, you can try the following. Please take note that for this to work, you will need two devices, and you have to be standing next to the heater:
  • Device 1: With the Wi-Fi application.
  • Device 2: With mobile data, and hotspot switched on from the phone settings.
a.    Connect Device 1 to Device 2.
b.    Make sure that Device 1 is not connected to your local Wi-Fi network, it should be connected to Device 2 hotspot network.
c.    Place Device 2 on top of the heat pump.
f.    Follow the same procedure as per the installation manual to connect to the heat pump.
g.    When asked for the Wi-Fi network, make sure that you are using Device 2 hotspot credentials.

If the heat pump connects with this method then the issue is caused by the local network. It can be resolved in most cases, by getting a Wi-Fi extender/booster from any local electronics shop. If the heat pump fails to connect using this method, then there is an issue with the Wi-Fi module inside the heater, please contact your supplier.