Product Video - Madimack Elite V3 Heat Pump

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Madimack Elite V3:

Quietest Heat Pump Available - Patented material science that increases sound attenuation making the Elite V3 the quietest heat pump available. Sound is absorbed through the triple insulated compressor compartment and advanced engineering design.

Diamond Active Innovation - User Friendly Interface. Elite V3's intuitive logic and componentry delivers unrivalled cold-air performance for truly 'all-season' heating. Smart, efficient & powerful with intuitive commissioning and monitoring built into a smart diamond display.

Centri Flow Performance - Centri-Flow Performance is created by a commercial grade fan in a residential unit. The Elite V3 has the only true side air discharge with centrifugal fan technology, removing air-turbulance, back-pressure and noise with the perfect engineered 90 degree directional airflow.